Chattanooga man arrested after driving reckless at speeds well over 100 mph on I-75 in Whitfield County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On March 24, 2023, at 6:23 PM, Trooper Cantrell was traveling northbound on 1-75 at mile marker 331. Trooper Cantrell reported, “[I] was in the left lane in heavy traffic. [I] observed a silver 2010 Ford Mustang make an erratic lane change going straight from the left lane to the right lane in one motion. [I] then observed the Mustang as it was speeding up to a high rate of speed. [I] visually estimated and confirmed the speed of the Mustang to be 109mph.” Trooper Cantrell conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at mile marker 332 and ordered the driver, identified as Joshua Shadwick, 42, of Chattanooga, TN. Trooper Cantrell reported, “[I] initially instructed Mr. Shadwick that [I] had somewhere to be or [I] would be arresting him for reckless driving. [I] sat in my patrol car to issue the simple citation for speeding, and the more [I] thought about the reckless disregard that Mr. Shadwick showed for the other motorists on the roadway, [I] felt that it was imperative that he be arrested and charged with reckless driving.” Shadwick was then arrested for reckless driving.

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