Cedartown man arrested for DUI after being stopped for extremely loud exhaust in Floyd County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On May 11th, 2023, at 10:27 PM, Corporal Flowers was parked in the Old Schroders parking lot on GA 1, near Cordle Drive in. Floyd County when he observed Ford F-150 that seemed to have an altered or missing exhaust due to extremely loud noise from the truck. Corporal Flowers reported, “The driver (Jessie Lee Cain, 28, of Cedartown) parked in front of the store and walked inside for a minute or two. [I] noticed Cain was back inside of his truck due to the loud exhaust. Cain accelerated through the parking lot at a high rate of speed before entering GA 1 NB. As the vehicle was traveling northbound on GA 1, Cain accelerated again, causing extremely excessive noise. [I] pulled out and conducted a traffic stop on the pick-up truck on Dugger Drive.” The trooper asked Cain about the exhaust, and he stated that his tailpipe just fell off and pointed to it in the bed of his truck. When asked where he was coming from, he stated he just left the gas station to get gas. The trooper noticed an extremely strong odor of green marijuana coming from within the vehicle. Cain and the male passenger (Dylan Hooper, 19, of Rome) both had bloodshot and watery eyes and seemed extremely nervous. The trooper ran the vehicle registration through GCIC, per GCIC the pick-up truck has expired since 2020. The trooper asked him again about getting gas at the service station, and he stated again he did get gas. Corporal Flowers reported, “[I] then advised him [I] was parked across the street, and his exhaust caught my attention. [I] advised him he parked in front of the store, went inside, and left. While talking to him, [I] noticed he had eyelid tremors, his pupils were dilated, and his tongue was discolored with raised taste buds. I asked him if there was anything illegal inside of his truck, and he stated they might be, but he was not sure if there is.” As Hooper was exiting the truck, the trooper noticed he attempted to slide a small black bag that was tied on one end out the passenger door. During field sobriety tests, Cain showed several signs of impairment and refused the state test. Trooper Flowers was able to recover the black bag from the passenger floorboard. Inside of the bad was a small amount of marijuana. Hooper stated the marijuana inside the black bag belonged to him. The trooper cited him and released him. Cain was then transported to Floyd County Jail, charged with improper exhaust expired tag, possession of marijuana, driving without license on person, and DUI.

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