Cartersville woman arrested after assaulting and attempting to strangle girlfriend during domestic

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On November 26th, 2022, at 8:34 PM, Officer Vicente was dispatched to an address on Ashely Oaks in regards to the complaint Ashley Marie Haynes, 35 of Cartersville, stated that her girlfriend’s best friend had possibly been mistreating her kids due to her 11-year-old stating that she was afraid of her mom would get upset. Haynes that she felt like she needed to call and say something about the 11-year-old being afraid and that the child should not be afraid of her mother, and that was all she called 911 for so she could report it. Officer Vicente reported, “I asked Mrs. Haynes who was in the vehicle, and she stated that it was her girlfriend. The victim proceeded to open the door and advise Mrs. Haynes that they were no longer in a relationship because of what she had done tonight. The victim advised that she wanted to go somewhere else to talk about what was going on, and [I] advised her she could stay in the car and close the door, and [I] would get to her as soon as [I] finished with Mrs. Haynes. [I] proceeded to speak to Mrs. Haynes and asked her to continue with what she was saying. She stated that she had just moved from Tennessee about three months ago and just repeated what she had told me earlier about the kids and that that was the main reason she called. Mrs. Haynes did advise me that she has had a couple of drinks and that it did not hinder her thought process and that she was fine.” The victim then advised me that Hayes had an alcohol problem and that when she arrived at the residence, Haynes was upset about the situation that happened with the kids. The victim advised the officer that Haynes ripped her hair cover off her head and had also violently choked her as well. She stated that Haynes had gotten upset and called 911 because the actual homeowner wanted her out, and she wanted to get back at her. The victim advised the officer that Haynes had had half a bottle of vodka in the short time that she had arrived at the residence. The victim advised that Hayes had already ripped her hair cover off, choked her, and hit her. Officer Vicente reported, “[I] proceeded to put my hand-held flashlight on her neck and while observing her neck [I] could visually see four finger marks from where Mrs. Haynes had applied pressure and choked the victim..” The homeowner also confirmed the story and stated that Haynes had also assaulted her while they were inside her residence. Haynes was then placed under arrest for battery (FV) and for aggravated assault (FV). Haynes was transported to the Floyd County Jail and booked.

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