Cartersville man arrested for DUI after speeding on Graysville Road in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On February 20th, 2023, Deputy Gant was traveling northbound on Graysville Road in the area of Indian Springs when he observed a 2016 Nissan Sentra traveling southbound at 53 mph in a 35 mph zone. Deputy Gant conducted a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, later identified as Mason Reid Hilton, 36, of Cartersville. According to the report, While speaking with Hilton, Deputy Gant observed that he seemed to be nervous by his body language and the fact that Hilton was reluctant to look at Deputy Gant. Deputy Gant observed an open box of Budlight Platinum in the passenger floorboard. Deputy Gant asked Hilton if he had been drinking, and he stated that he had not. Deputy Gant pointed out the open box of Budlight Platinum, and Hilton stated, “that was from earlier. I haven’t been drinking, though.” Deputy Gant asked, “When earlier?” to which Hilton replied, “It was probably about 12 hours earlier”. Deputy Gant asked the offender if he would do field sobriety testing to make sure he was safe to drive. Hilton stated that he was not comfortable doing that unless he needed to and that he would just call someone to come get him. Cpl. Lewis responded to the scene and assisted with field sobriety testing. Deputy Gant did smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from Hilton. During field sobriety testing, Hilton showed several signs of impairment and was placed under arrest for DUI. Hilton was then booked into the Catoosa County Jail.

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