82-year-old man arrested after violent domestic assault with knife

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On Saturday, April 15th, 2023, Deputy Lewis responded to 172 Main Street in Ringgold for a domestic dispute. Deputy Lewis arrived on the scene and observed two females and one male outside the residence. The male, later identified as Roy E. Thompson, 82, had blood on the front of his shirt, his face, and his nose. A younger woman had blood on both hands and appeared to be applying pressure to a finger on the left hand. Deputy Lewis attempted to speak with the male and female however, they began to argue again. These two are brother and sister-in-law. A witness stated that Roy showed up at the residence to get a car key and tried to forcefully take the key from the older female when she refused to give it to him. Roy demanded she gives the key to him, and she refused because the man had previously wrecked the car, and her sister did not want him to have the key. She stated Roy then assaulted her and put her to the ground forcefully, where she landed on her back. She stated they made it outside the residence to the front porch, where Roy then grabbed her by the hair and put her to the ground again. Once outside the residence, Roy then brandished a knife from his pants pocket, opened it, and made a movement toward the older woman as if the stab her with the knife. The victim stated she tried to intervene and stop the man and take the knife from him, at which time the middle finger of her left hand was cut open by the knife. Roy spoke with Deputy Edwards, and he said he “had that one by the hair” when officers arrived, referencing the older female. When asked about the knife, Roy stated he did pull it from his pocket but was unable to get it open and that the younger female cut her hand on the chain link fence. While Deputy Lewis was investigating, Roy made several comments to deputies threatening more harm to the victims. Deputy Rogers also removed a pistol from Roy’s vehicle, and Roy stated to Deputy Lewis that she ought to be glad Deputy Rogers removed the pistol otherwise, it would be like a birthday party. Roy was booked into Catoosa County Jail and charged with battery and aggravated assault.

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