Whitfield County homeowner stops wanted burglar in the act of attempting theft

Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On January 8th, 2023, at 8:03 PM, Deputy Long was dispatched to an address on Strain Road regarding a disturbance in progress. Deputy Long spoke with a juvenile who stated he got punched in the face by the man, later identified as Eliott Lee Ingle, 47, of Tunnel Hill. The juvenile stated his dad, brother, and Sgt Brunson were out in the field with Ingle. Deputy Long ran down to the field to help assist Sgt Brunson, who already had Ingle detained. After running his information, Ingle showed to have an active warrant for burglary and theft by taking. Deputy Long spoke with the father, who stated he and his family were getting ready to eat dinner when he heard one of the dune buggies turn on. According to the report, “He stated he thought maybe it was his son trying to ride the dune buggies, but his son was still in the house. He stated after that, he grabbed his shotgun and went outside to see who was outside. When He went outside, Mr. Eliott saw him and started running towards the field. That’s when the father and son ran after Mr. Eliott and started wrestling with him until law enforcement arrived. The father stated he sustained an injury when he was fighting with Mr. Eliott.” Deputies observed the juvenile son had a bruised cheek that he sustained from getting punched by Eliott. Deputies viewed camera footage from the house that captured the incident. Deputy Long saw Eliott getting out of a vehicle on the side of the road and trespassing on the property. Deputy Long also saw Eliott get into two of the dune buggies that were on the property and was able to turn on one of the dune buggies. Eliott was also observed trying to break into their home. Eliott was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with battery x2, criminal trespass x2, felony criminal attempt to commit burglary, felony criminal attempt to commit a theft, obstructing or hindering law enforcement burglary, and felony theft by taking.

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