Wanted men arrested and stolen vehicle from Alabama recovered after traffic stop in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On November 8th, 2022, at 5:45 PM, FCPD investigators were in an unmarked patrol unit equipped with blue lights and a siren. According to the report, investigators observed a light color 2005 Toyota Camry with a cracked windshield stopped at Melody Lane. The reporting investigator saw that it had an Alabama license plate and was aware of a stolen vehicle matching that description. The investigator reported, “The first two numbers on the license plate were 13. Those are the two numbers from Cherokee County, Alabama. [I] tried to get behind the vehicle and check the plate with 911 Dispatch. The driver rapidly turned into the turning lane. The vehicle had a broken windshield. Based on that equipment violation and the matching description of the vehicle., [I] initiated a traffic stop. [I] turned the blue lights and siren on. The vehicle then entered the shopping center’s parking lot across from West Rome Walmart. The vehicle then continued to travel around the Marcos Pizza building. The visual and audible signals were still on, but the vehicle continued forward. At the time, there were people and vehicles around the parking lot. [I] could see the driver’s body movements as he turned right behind the building. It appeared that the driver was reaching for something under the seat. The back side of the Marcos Pizza building did not have an exit or a way for a vehicle to enter the roadway. The information [I] knew about the stolen vehicle was that Bobby Shane Hudgins, 38, of Rome, was the one who stole the vehicle and brought it over the state line, and he was somewhere in West Rome. [I] am familiar with Mr. Hudgins due to prior police encounters, and I knew he was listed as a suspect in an incident where a firearm was discharged on a roadway. As he was making body movements as he reached for something under the seat, [I] bumped into his vehicle. The impact was a walking speed. As soon as [I] bumped into the vehicle, [I] saw that he had stopped his actions. He then refused to stop and continued to travel into Ga 20. He turned right and then entered the parking lot again. The vehicle then came to a complete stop.” Investigators conducted a felony takedown on the occupants and took both occupants into custody. An investigator recognized the passenger as James Anthony Pilgram, 43, of Taylorsville, and knew he had an arrest warrant. A pistol which looked similar to a real firearm and turned out to be a BB gun, was found under the driver seat where Hudgins was. The vehicle was confirmed stolen from Cherokee County, Alabama. Officers also confirmed that both subjects had active arrest warrants. Both Hudgins and Pilgram were booked into the Floyd County Jail on felony charges.

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