Wanted felon found with a large amount of Oxycodone after fleeing on foot traffic stop in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On November 24th, 2022, at 3:45 AM, Deputy Lowe was sitting stationary on the gravel lot at Highway 41 and Cherokee Valley Road. According to the report, “Deputy Lowe observed a Mercedes Benz S550 vehicle traveling Southbound on Highway 41 come to a complete stop in the roadway in front of Cherokee Valley Road. Deputy Lowe then observed the Mercedes Benz turn it’s reverse lights on while still sitting stationary in the same spot. The vehicle sat with its reverse lights on for a few seconds. There was no other traffic at this time, so Deputy Lowe just observed the vehicle. Deputy Lowe then observed the vehicle go back into drive and pull off, still traveling southbound on Highway 41. Deputy Lowe observed Mercedes Benz drive over the double yellow line, then jerk back into the southbound lane. Deputy Lowe pulled out to get behind Mercedes Benz. While approaching the vehicle, Deputy Lowe observed the vehicle drive over the white fog line and then back into the southbound lane. Then the vehicle drove over the double yellow line into the northbound lane and back into the southbound lane. Deputy Lowe activated her emergency equipment and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle came to a final stop on the southbound shoulder of Highway 41 approximately 100 yards before Bandy Lane.” Deputy Lowe made contact with the driver, identified as Darion Levenne Chalk, 38, of Dalton, and could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. Deputy Lowe observed Darion to have red, glassy eyes. Darion advised he had nothing to drink before driving and was coming from Tennessee. According to the report, “After Deputy Lowe asked dispatch to run the offender’s name and date of birth while sitting in her patrol car, Deputy Lowe observed Darion open his driver’s side car door and exit his vehicle. Darion started to walk to the rear of his vehicle, then began running across the roadway on the northbound shoulder of Highway 41. Deputy Lowe advised Dispatch Darion was running on foot and exited her patrol car. Darion then ran back across the road to the driver’s seat of his vehicle. Deputy Lowe pulled out her agency-issued firearm and began giving loud verbal commands to stop and to get on the ground. Darion continued into his vehicle, disparately reaching for something in the passenger side of the vehicle.” Dispatch advised Darion returned through NCIC/GCIC with multiple felony warrants (aggravated assault, burglary 1st degree, etc.) through Murray County Sheriff’s Office and Felony Probation Violation warrant through Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office. Darion exited the vehicle with the black bag in hand and ran across Highway 41 and into the wood line on the northbound side of Highway 41. Trooper Shackleford, Ringgold Officer Craig, Deputy Gant, Deputy Harris, and Lieutenant Cantrell arrived on the scene and assisted as well. Lieutenant Cantrell attempted to use his agency-issued drone in the air to pinpoint Darion’s location, but shortly after, Deputy Gant was able to locate and take Darion into custody. Deputies located the black bag that Darion had with him and found a large amount of Oxycodone, a schedule II drug. Darion was booked into the Catoosa County Jail, and charged with obstruction, failing to maintain a single lane, and trafficking schedule II.

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