Unlicensed man arrested for DUI after call of several men urinating at park in Dalton

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, On April 4th, 2023, at 6:55 PM, Officer Sosa responded to lewd acts located at Al Rollins Park in the parking lot. Officer Sosa located the blue Toyota Tacoma parked halfway in a parking spot and on the grass with three Hispanic males inside of the vehicle. Officer Sosa reported, “[I] then started to approach the vehicle from behind, and once the driver saw [I] was behind, he attempted to drive away by turning on the vehicle and putting it in reverse, and almost backing into my patrol car. [I] was able to stop them before they drove away. [I] then made contact with the driver of the blue Tacoma, Adan Acevedo, 43, of Dalton, while Officer Shope made contact with the passengers, Profidrio Lucio and Ruben Leon. Both subjects had open-bud light beer cans in their hands. At this time, Adan attempted to hide an open-bud light beer can under the driver-side seat. [I] then told Adan to turn off the vehicle and asked if he could provide me with a driver’s license. Adan then stated he didn’t have a valid driver’s license.” Officer Sosa advised he was investigating a report of multiple Hispanic males urinating out in the open in public view. Adan then stated that it wasn’t him doing that in a very slurred speech. Officer Sosa noticed his eyes were very glassy, and a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage was coming from his breath. Adan stated he only had a few beers. Adan was then placed under arrest for DUI driving under the influence of alcohol. Adan was transported to the Whitfield County Jail, where he showed a BAC of .379 on the state test, nearly 5x the legal limit.

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