Tennessee man arrested again for DUI after giving fake name to trooper during traffic stop in Walker County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, On December 16th, 2022, at 10:50 PM, Trooper Sarrell was observing traffic while stationary on Mission Ridge Road in Walker County when he observed a black 2000 Ford Mustang traveling south on Mission Ridge Road without a working tag light and with no working brake light on the driver side. Trooper Sarrell initiated a traffic stop on Mission Ridge Road at the intersection with GA 341. Trooper Sarrell reported, “[I] made contact with the driver who stated that he did not possess a physical copy of his license and identified himself as Michael James with the birth date of 1/19/1961. [I] observed that the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and watery with dilated pupils, and his speech was slurred. [I] asked the driver if he had consumed alcohol, and he stated that he had not. [I] attempted to run the driver’s name and birth date through GCIC/NCIC via my in-car MDT but received a “not on file” return through Georgia and Tennessee. Upon asking for the driver’s name again, he stated that his last name was spelled “Janes”, not “James,” as he originally stated. [I] attempted to run this new information and again received a “not on file” notification. Based on my training and experience, [I] believed that the driver was lying to me about his identity and asked him to exit the vehicle. Upon asking the driver to exit the vehicle, [I] then smelled the odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from his breath and person.” During Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), the driver showed several indications of alcohol impairment and a BAC of .071 on a PBT. The driver mumbled through a long list of medications that he took daily, including Hydrocodone. The driver was then placed under arrest for DUI and agreed to the state test. Trooper Sarrell reported, “[I] again asked the driver for his name and date of birth. [I] advised that if he was lying, his true identity would be discovered at the jail during the booking process. He then produced a Tennessee ID card that identified him as Michael Carnell Jones, 60, of Jackson, TN. Upon running Mr. Jones’ ID number through GCIC/NCIC, [I] observed that his driver’s license was revoked for DUI. Mr. Jones stated that he had recently been released from the Walker County Jail for lying and driving while revoked.” Jones was transported to the Walker County Jail. The jail staff confirmed that Jones had, in fact, been recently booked at the jail and that he was admitted for DUI. Jones was charged with equipment violations, DUI, giving false name and date of birth to law enforcement, and driving while revoked.

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