Summerville man violates court order breaks into house and violently assaults woman during domestic

According to a Summerville Police Department incident report, On February 3rd, 2023, at 9:30 p.m., SPD officers responded to a domestic dispute on Ramey Street. According to the report, Police spoke to the victim, who had a extreme swollen face, a severe laceration on her left eye, an ear covered in blood, a large laceration on her neck, a bloody finger, a bruise on her thigh and two lacerations under her chin. She said Robert Blaine Reborn, 43, of Summerville violated a trespass order, threw her to the ground and struck her at least 30 times. The victim said she left to get Jefferson’s food to eat for her and her juvenile children. When she returned, Rehorn was in the house. The victim told Rehorn, “he had until the count of five to get out of my house.” Rehorn responded, “I’m going to tell you what b***h you f**king w***e, you’re a piece of s**t. You put me in jail and I’m going to show you what’s going to happen to you.” The victim attempted to contact police, but Reborn allegedly began violently assaulting the victim and grabbed her by the neck. Rehorn slammed the victim to the ground, got on top of her, punched her, kicked her and used his knees to strike her. This part of the incident occurred in front of the victim’s small juvenile son. The victim barley made it out of the house and was able to run from the house to a neighbor’s home for help. While Rehorn was placed into custody he smelled of alcohol. According to the report, He vomited in the back of the patrol car, slammed his head on a rear window several times, threatened to kill a jail officer. Rehorn was booked into the Chattooga County Jail, charged with with battery under the Family Violence Act (2nd +), aggravated stalking under the Family Violence Act, first-degree burglary, third-degree cruelty to children and obstructing a person from making an emergency call.

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