South Georgia names gives false name and fake social security card after speeding on I-75 in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On January 7th, 2023, Deputy Figg was working traffic on I-75, an the 324 MM cut through. While working traffic Deputy Figg observed a vehicle in the left lane northbound traveling at a high rate of speed at 97 MPH. According to the report, “Also coming into Whitfield County from Gordon County, there is a sign posted warning motorist of speed detection devices used. Deputy Figg conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle at mile marker 325.” Deputy Figg made contact with the driver, later identified as Derontae Juarez Stewart, 21, of Fort Valley, Peach County. Derontae stated he did not have his license with him as his information had been hacked and that his parents would not let him have his license. Derontae gave Deputy Figg the name of Jalon Spence with the date of birth 01-11-2001. According to the report, “In Checking GCIC with the name of Jalon Spence DOB 01-11-2001 there was no record with that name and date of birth. Deputy Figg returned to the vehicle asking to make sure he obtained the correct spelling and date of birth. Derontae then handed Deputy Figg a social security card with the name Jalon Keshun Spence. Derontae stated that this was his social security card and that the date of birth was the correct date of birth. Deputy Figg once again returned to his patrol vehicle to attempt another check of the name and date of birth given. Once again the return showed no record of Jalon having a Ga. license. Deputy Figg returned to the vehicle, explaining he was not getting a return of his license. As Deputy Figg was attempting to arrest Derontae, he took out his license and gave them to Deputy Figg. Deputy Figg advised Derontae he was still under arrest for giving a false name and date of birth. Deputy Figg had dispatch run the license, which showed Derontae had a TPO against him to stay away from the woman who was the vehicle owner and front passenger of the vehicle. Deputy Figg asked the woman why she did not speak up when Derontae gave him a false name and date of birth. She could not give Deputy Figg a valid or legal reason for not speaking up. Deputy Figg advised her this was being a party to a crime. Derontae was then transported to the Whitfield County Jail, charged with speeding, false name and date of birth, 1st-degree forgery, and violation of a family protective order.

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