Rossville police respond to call of welfare check on dog and puppies

According to a Rossville Police Department incident report, On Friday, January 6th, 2022, at approximately 11:38 AM, Officer Galyon responded to 206 Dale Street in reference to an animal complaint. Officer Galyon reported, “There were reportedly several puppies in an outside cage with no food or water. Upon arrival, [I] observed a cage on the east side of the home. Inside were two puppies with no food or water. Furthermore, the cage was full of feces and urine. An adult dog was also tied to the back porch and did not have food or water.” Walker County Animal Control responded and, while assessing the scene, was able to make contact with the owner. She was identified as Walker. Animal control provided education to her about the proper care of animals. The animals were in very good health. Officer Galyon issued her a citation to court on March 6th for a city code violation regarding the appropriate care of animals.

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