Rome woman threatens elderly man with knife while burglarizing and destroying his camper

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On June 12th, 2023, Lt Williams responded to a report of a fight on Billy Pyle Road. The caller advised that a female, Ashton Leighann Spears, 27, of Rome, was breaking the windows of his camper out with a fire extinguisher. The 65-year-old victim advised he was in the bedroom with the door closed and that Spears was beating on the door with the fire extinguisher. She advised him she had a knife and was going to use it on him once she got into the room. Lt Williams arrived shortly before Rome Police Officer McGuire. The victim was sitting on the steps of the trailer, severely shaken up. The victim stated that she had run into the woods to the north of the residence. Officers requested available K9 officer to track the suspect. Lt Williams reported, “[I] yelled in the woods at Spears that a K9 was on the way and she needed to come out. She yelled back that she was coming out. Officer Vicente was on Billy Pyle Road and intercepted her, taking her into custody and transporting her back to the residence. [I] asked about replacing the windows, and he stated that the camper was old and they did not make them anymore, so the windows would have to be custom-made, costing at least five to six hundred dollars. [I] began to advise Spears of the Miranda warning, and she advised me that she did not want to hear her rights. She knew what they were. While Handcuffing Spears, with the fit tested and double-locked, as to policy, Spears admitted that she had done what everyone had accused her of.” Spears was then transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with first-degree burglary, criminal damage to property, exploitation, and intimidation of the elderly, and terroristic threats and acts.

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