Rome trio arrested after DUI driver flees from Floyd County officer and hides in house

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On March 24th, 2023, at 12:14 AM, Officer Quijada was in the area of GA 20 near its intersection with Beech Creek Dr when he observed a Toyota RAV-4 speeding at 65 MPH. Officer Quijada then got behind the vehicle and attempted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Miguel Angel Bogarin, 28, Rome, refused to stop and kept driving, accelerating at speeds over 65 MPH. Officer Quijada reported, “Mr. Bogarin continued traveling Westbound on GA 20 driving past Emerson Dr. Mr. Bogarin then continued to travel on GA 20 and made a left turn onto Intervale Dr. Mr. Bogarin then failed to stop at the posted stop sign by making a left turn located at the intersection of Intervale Dr and Albion Dr. Mr. Bogarin then made a right turn onto Cabot Dr and drove onto the driveway of 14 Cabot Dr.” Officer Quijada then observed Bogarin exit the vehicle and quickly run into the garage and then into the residence through a door that’s connected to the garage area. A female, later identified as Vanessa Gutierrez, 21, of Rome, exited the house and stated that the residence belonged to her mom, later identified as Lisa Bogarin, 51, of Rome. Officer Quijada advised Gutierrez that he saw Bogarin exit the vehicle and run into the residence, to which she replied, “yes, but everything is fine. He is home and is safe”. Officer Quijada reported, “[I] advised Ms. Gutierrez that it was not fine and advised her to go inside and to tell Mr. Bogarin to come out of the residence. Ms. Gutierrez then replied, “Yes sir, I understand, I don’t live here “. Ms. Gutierrez failed to give me any further information and kept stating that everything was fine.” Gutierrez then went inside and advised officers Tetsworth and Stanfield through a window that “My mom is telling me that there is nobody here so leave”. Officers then made entry into the home and asked Lisa and Gutierrez multiple times to tell them where Bogarin was, and they refused to tell them anything demanding a search warrant. Lisa and Gutierrez then began following the officers around the residence while screaming and yelling and video recording them. Officers located Bogarin, who was in one of the bedrooms lying on the bed under the covers pretending to be asleep. Bogarin then stated that he was a United States Marine and stated that he had come back home from Parris Island. Bogarin was advised that being a Marine did not give him the right to run from the police. Bogarin stated that he had not done anything illegal, to which Officer Quijada advised him that running away from the police is illegal, to which he stated, “yeah, you are right, yes, sir “. Officer Quijada advised Bogarin that he should have stopped, to which he replied, “Man my crib was just up the road, man”. Officer Quijada reported, “While talking with Bogarin, [I] could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from his breath and person. [I] proceeded to read Mr. Bogarin the State of Georgia Implied Consent Notice for blood to which he refused.” Lisa and Gutierrez were both placed under arrest for obstruction. Gutierrez then stated, “My mother was not trying to conceal him, but maybe I was”. Gutierrez also stated that Bogarin was drinking and stated that he only had drank about two beers. Bogarin is charged with fleeing or attempting to elude, misdemeanor obstruction, speeding, and DUI.

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