Rome man arrested after abandoning dangerous drugs during high-speed chase in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, On February 9th, 2023, at 7:05 PM, Officer Newport was parked in the Silver Creek Baptist church parking lot observing traffic when he observed a white 2004 Ford Expedition traveling east with no tag mounted to the rear. Officer Newport reported, “As the vehicle braked and slowed for the stop sign at Reeceburg Rd, [I] noticed that one of the vehicle’s brake lights had only one operational bulb and was not in proper working order. [I] did observe that the vehicle had three total brake lights, but was not certain if the third brake light being defective was a violation of O.C.G.A. 40-8-26 of state law since the other two brake lights were in proper working order. As the vehicle turned left onto Reeceburg Rd, [I] still did not see a license plate on the vehicle’s rear bumper. I turned left behind the vehicle and continued my attempt to catch up to the vehicle. Due to Old Rockmart being a two-lane road, with no immediate safe place for the driver to pull over, [I] decided to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle at the parking lot of the Silver Creek United Methodist Church just before Old Rockmart Rd. As we approached the church, [I] confirmed that I did not see a license plate attached to the rear of the vehicle and could only observe four screw holes.” The officer attempted a traffic stop, but the driver, later identified as Avon Trey Grissom, 25, of Rome, took off, fleeing south on Old Rockmart Road. As Grissom sped off at speeds of 61 mph in a 35 mph, the officer observed a clear plastic bag out being tossed out of the passenger side window. Grissom drove all over the roadway striking a guard rail in the process. Grissom continued south on Old Rockmart Road before pulling over near Ridgeview Road. Grissom opened his door and stuck both hands out. Officer Newport took Grissom to gunpoint and took him into custody. Officer Newport reported, “Once [I] got Mr. Grissom to my patrol vehicle, [I] explained to him the reason [I] attempted to stop him before he fled. Mr. Grissom stated he had some marijuana inside the vehicle and was afraid that if he stopped, he would be arrested and lose the chance to get custody of his children back. At this point, [I] advised Mr. Grissom of his Miranda warning and asked him how long he had been driving with the temporary plate expired. Mr. Grissom stated that he was gonna renew his registration. However, he had just lost his job. Mr. Grissom then stated he ran because of his current situation with his kids and stated that he knew if he stopped, [I] would smell the marijuana and take him to jail. [I] informed Mr. Grissom that was not always the case, and explained to him there are many circumstances [I] consider before [I] make an arrest and carry someone to jail.” Officer McMeekin then located the clear plastic bag (which contained drugs) that had been tossed out. Officer Overstreet also located scales inside the vehicle. Grissom was then transported to the Floyd County Jail and charged with felony fleeing, possession of marijuana, possession of drug-related objects, abandonment of dangerous drugs, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, driving a vehicle on a suspended registration, littering, abandonment of dangerous drugs, speeding, stop sign violation.

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