Rock Spring woman arrested for DUI drugs after 911 calls from concerned citizens in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On December 15th, 2022, at 7:15 PM, Walker 911 advised Sgt. Agredano of a suspicious vehicle on Kay Conley at Peavine Road, sitting in the roadway and backing up, and moving forward. Another caller stated that the vehicle was headed toward Hwy 27. Sgt. Agredano reported, “[I] located the vehicle at 8040 Hwy 27 (Mapco). [I] noticed the suspect was in the drivers seat and the vehicle was running, and the suspect turned on the headlights. [I] made contact with the driver, identified as Linda Kay Parker, 70, of Rock Spring, and [I] asked her if everything was ok and [I] asked her why she was stopped in the road and moving back and forth. Parker stated she was lost. [I] noticed that her speech was very slow and slurred. [I] asked Parker if she had taken any medication, and she stated that she took one (1) hydrocodone 7.5 mg and one (1) lorazepam 1.0 mg before driving.” During standardized field sobriety test’s (SFST’s), to ensure she was safe to drive, Parker showed several signs of drug impairment. Sgt. Agredano had to stop the tests for her safety because Parker was so unsteady to the point she was going to fall. Parker was placed under arrest for DUI Drugs and agreed to the state testing of her blood. She was booked into the Walker County Jail and charged with DUI drugs.

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