Rising Fawn man arrested on kidnapping charges after refusing to return kids to mother in Walker County

According to a Walker County Sheriff’s Office incident report, On June 1st, 2023, at 11:50 AM, Deputy Maroon was dispatched to 22 Williams Lane in Rossville in reference to a child custody issue. Deputy Maroon met with the victim Kati Arterburn, who stated that she has two minor children. One of which belongs to Allen Justin Cutts, 34, of Rising Fawn, GA, but has not been legitimized. The other does not have any relationship with Cutts. According to the report, “Last night, the victim went out of town and left her two small children with Cutts. He was to watch them until the next morning, where he would drop them off at their daycare on his way to work. Mr. Cutts texted the victim last night after he got the children and told her that he was not going to return them to her because she had brought them around the victim’s boyfriend. He also stated that she would be served with a custody order today. This morning the victim went to the children’s daycare where they were supposed to be. She was told by daycare workers that they had not been dropped off this morning. The victim then called Mr. Cutts and asked for him to please bring the children back home to her. She explained that one of the children needed to take her medication that she missed. Mr. Cutts refused numerous times.” Deputy Maroon spoke with Cutts and asked him to return the two small children back to their mother. The deputy explained to him that he had no legal rights to either child and that if he just brought them back now, there would be no further problems. Mr. Cutts became very agitated and angry, asking Deputy Maroon who the “F**k he was?” Deputy Maroon reported, “[I] explained again that [I] was a deputy for the Walker County Sheriff’s Office and [I] was requesting, on behalf of the victim, for him to return her two small children. He then hung the phone up on me. [I] was then able to speak with Mr. Cutts again, [I] advised him that if he didn’t return the children, a felony warrant could be issued on him. He once again told me, “Deputy doofy shut the f**k up!!” then hung up the phone. This went on for at least three more times.” Sgt. Reece spoke with him and advised him of the consequences of his actions. Cutts advised Sgt. Reece “Eat s**t b***h, then hung up the phone again. Deputies then took out felony warrants for kidnapping x2. Cutts was arrested a few minutes later in Hamilton County, TN, and placed on hold to be extradited back to Walker County. Cutts was booked into the Walker County Jail on June 6th, 2023.

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