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Woman uses stolen bank cards to rack up approximately $6,000 in fraudulent purchases

The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify a woman who used stolen bank cards to rack up approximately $6,000 in fraudulent charges. The suspect and the vehicle she was traveling in were recorded by store surveillance. The incident began when a victim’s purse was stolen from a store in Tunnel Hill. While investigating the theft, the victim and the Tunnel Hill Police Department were able to determine that the victim’s bank card was being used in Dalton at the Shugart Road Walmart. The Tunnel Hill PD contacted police in Dalton, who responded to the store, but the suspects had already left the scene after purchasing $852.71 in gift cards and also several pairs of men’s boxer shorts. The suspect left in a white Toyota RAV-4 SUV, which was recorded by surveillance cameras outside of the store, but investigators were unable to get a clear look at the license plate, and the possible license plate combinations did not return with any information. Further investigation determined that the suspect also used the stolen cards at a Dollar General store and a Walgreen’s location before coming to Walmart. In all, the victim’s credit cards were used to rack up approximately $6,000 in fraudulent charges. The suspect, in this case, was a Black woman wearing a tan-colored facemask with some type of checkered pattern. She also wore a black ball cap, a black v-neck t-shirt, and black pants with cheetah-print slip-on style shoes. A picture of the suspect and her vehicle is included with this release.