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Woman strangled and sexually assaulted by ex-boyfriend during violent domestic in Floyd County

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on September 5th, 2020, Lt. Williams was given a call in reference to an earlier domestic dispute. I called the number and spoke with the complainant, who advised her friend, was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Shuler, 26 of Shannon, at a residence located on Second Street in Shannon. Lt. Williams decided to speak with the female victim in person to take the report. Lt. Williams meet with them at the Circle K store located at the intersection of Ga 53 and Burlington Drive. The female victim advised she had gone to the residence to see Shuler. She stated she believed that Shuler had been drinking and he became verbally abusive to her. The female victim stated that while she was preparing to leave, Shuler had approached the driver's side of the car and stated, "well, since you are free.." and then stuck his hand in her window and grabbed her breast. The female victim stated she told Shuler that was not OK and moved away from him. The female victim stated that Shuler then went to the passenger side of the vehicle and opened the door and reached across the seats, and grabbed her other breast. At this point, the female victim was attempting to leave, and Shuler became enraged and grabbed items out of her vehicle, including her child's Ipad, which Shuler threw on the ground and stomped on it, destroying it. Shuler also grabbed the wallet of the female victim, dumping it out and throwing the wallet into the wood line near the residence. The female victim exited the car to retrieve her items and stated that Shuler came up behind her and grabbed her, wrapping his hands around her throat, strangling her. She stated that he let go, and she attempted to pick up the items on the ground, and Shuler approached her again, knocking her to the ground and pinning her shoulders down with his knees. The female victim stated that Shuler had grabbed her and shook her, causing her to strike the rear of her head on the ground. The female victim stated that she finally got away from Shuler and got in her vehicle and went to the residence she had reported the incident from in Gordon county. The officer observed that the female victim had marks on her head, also had marks on her wrists and her nose. The female victim also showed the officer a picture that she had taken after the incident, which showed her bleeding profusely from the nose area, and her lip was busted. Officer Tetsworth went to the residence on Second Street and arrested Shuler. The ex-wife and ex-in-laws of Shuler picked up the kids. Shuler stated that he did not wish to speak with officers. Shuler was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with aggravated assault, battery, sexual battery, and criminal trespass. Officer Miles stated that when the female victim was retrieving her wallet, there was blood on it from the violent assault.