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Wild high-speed pursuit of four Chattanooga armed robbery suspects from Florida ends near Atlanta

According to the Georgia State Patrol: "On 07-13-2020, at approximately 10:29 a.m., the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office advised they were in pursuit of a white Jaguar SUV. The tag displayed was a Florida tag. GSP was told they were pursuing the vehicle because the suspects in the vehicle were involved in a felony robbery in Chattanooga, TN. TFC Whitfield and TFC Terry responded to the area in an attempt to locate the vehicle. Both Troopers made contact with the suspect vehicle near mile marker 328 on I-75 South. TFC Whitfield indicated he was in pursuit of the vehicle. The pursuit continued south at excessive speeds. The fleeing driver showed no regard for the safety of the motoring public, pursuing Troopers, or the occupants of the vehicle. The pursuit continued south into Gordon County in an extremely reckless manner. At approximately 10:42 a.m., TFC Whitfield advised his patrol was struck by a tire tread struck by the fleeing vehicle, and the front windshield received damage. TFC Whitfield was able to continue with the pursuit. Near the #301 mile marker, the driver of the fleeing vehicle applied heavy brakes causing TFC Whitfield to hit the rear of the fleeing vehicle. TFC Terry received damage from debris to his front windshield near mile marker #295. TFC D. Shamblin was stationary at the 294-mile marker, preparing to deploy stop sticks. As the pursuit passed, TFC Whitfield ran over the stop stick, which created a rapid air loss event to occur in all four tires. TFC Whitfield was no longer able to continue. TFC Terry and TFC Sutherland continued south into Bartow County. TFC B. Sanford joined the pursuit in the south end of Bartow County. Troop C was notified of the pursuit and advised they were attempting to set up to intercept the pursuit. TFC Sanford took the primary position from the Bartow County Sheriff's Office upon their request at the 283-mile marker in Bartow County. TFC Terry disengaged from the pursuit due to running out of fuel. TFC Sanford was the lead pursuit vehicle until I-75 South near Chastain Road. At this point, Troop C Troopers took over the pursuit.

TFC2 Pletcher was the first Troop C Trooper to make contact with the other Troopers from Troop A. After becoming primary; he was joined by TFC2 Miller. The pursuit traveled through Cobb County on I-75 South at very high speeds. The Jaguar struck a black Lexus passenger car on I-75 South near Delk Road. The Jaguar struck a gray Chevrolet Silverado as it was exiting onto I-285. The pursuit continued onto I-285 East. TFC2 Miller attempted a PIT Maneuver on I-285 East at the Cobb/Fulton County line but was unsuccessful. The Jaguar continued fleeing until it exited on Roswell Road and traveled south. TFC2 Pletcher was primary until SFC Christian became primary near Glen Ridge Drive. The pursuit continued south on Roswell Road, east on Windsor Parkway, north on Northland Drive, then north on High Point Road. The female driver drove very recklessly and very high speeds through the residential area. As the pursuit neared Rivoli Circle on High Point Road, the Jaguar lost control in a sharp curve, almost struck a guardrail, and lost a great amount of speed. SFC Christian terminated the pursuit by positioning his vehicle at an angle in front of the Jaguar. The Jaguar's front struck SFC Christian's patrol vehicle on its front passenger side and came to rest. The occupants were arrested from the vehicle without further incident. The subjects committed an armed robbery in Hamilton County, totaling more than $5000 in value of items from an Ulta beauty store. The subjects were transported to Cobb Co Jail. Chattanooga Police Department has obtained felony warrants on all four occupants. The driver, Quanesha Church, 21 of Florida was booked into the Cobb County Jail on a slew of charges related to the pursuit. There were no injuries in the pursuit related crashes." Quanesha Church, 20 female of St. Petersburg, FL, charged with fleeing and attempting to elude; hit and Run (2 counts); Reckless driving; driving in emergency lane (non-emergency); speeding; following too closely; driver to exercise due care; Improper lane change; failure to signal when turning/changing lanes; failure to maintain lane; driving with suspended license; passing on shoulder of roadway; No seat belt; aggressive driving; Littering on roadway/highway and charges pending from Chattanooga Police Department. Passenger: Deliscia Church, 21 female of Tarpon Springs, FL, charged with littering and charges pending from Chattanooga Police Department. Passenger Elijah Harrison, 31 male of St. Petersburg, FL, charged with littering; possession of marijuana less than one ounce and charges pending from Chattanooga Police Department. Passenger Quanzel Reeves, 21 YO female of Tarpon Springs, FL,

charges pending from Chattanooga Police Department.