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Whitfield County Sheriff's Office investigating early Saturday morning shooting at apartments

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office on Saturday, December 28, 2019, at approx. 2:51 AM Whitfield County E911 received a call advising that there was a shooting at the apartments at 2412 Antioch Road. Whitfield County Sheriff Deputy Warren and Deputy Schaub responded to the call from Connector 3. Warren and Deputy Schaub arrived on the scene together at approximately 2:54 AM. When they arrived on the scene, there were multiple people in front of the 705 apartment complex. Located behind a black Nissan Altima was a black

male later identified as Tyler J Higginbotham, 29, of Calhoun suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to the upper right portion of his chest, and he had bled. A female sitting next to the male applying first aid by putting pressure on the wound. Deputy Warren and Deputy Schaub secured the scene and checked the victim. Deputy Warren then rendered aid to the victim by placing a hand on entry wound. The male victim was talking and in pain. At that time, EMS and FIRE arrived on the scene and took over the aid of the patient. The patient was transported via LifeForce. Deputy Warren noticed multiple shell casings around the scene and bullet holes in the Nissan Altima as well as a white Chevy Silverado next to the car. Deputy Schaub, along with multiple Deputies, secured the perimeter with police tape. Deputy Warren started a crime scene log and spoke with a few neighbors who were spectating from their front porch. They advised the deputy that they heard shots and saw someone possibly throw and item near the road Antioch Cut off Road sounding like metal. Deputy Warren inspected the area and located a firearm on the road. At that time, Sergeant Brunson notified the on-call detective, and they were en route. Detectives arrived on the scene, and the scene was turned over to them. We will have further information on the shooting once it is released.