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Whitfield County deputies injured after arrest of homeless man wanted on felony turns violent

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Wednesday, February 12th, 2020, around 11:00 AM, two Whitfield County Sergeants were dispatched to Crow Valley Road in reference to a male subject that was walking through yards. The complainant advised he didn't know the subject. Another caller advised the same thing as the first one that a male he didn't know was walking through his yard. A deputy passed the male walking north on Crow Valley Road. The deputy had to turn around before he got out with the offender. The second sergeant arrived just as the other was exiting his patrol vehicle. The deputy asked the male, later identified as Craig Dean Holliman, 48, homeless, how he was doing. Holliman continued to walk away and made the statement to both deputies, "Stay back, stay away from me. You know who I am". Both sergeants didn't know Holliman prior to this incident occuring. The deputies told Holliman that they needed to speak with him. Holliman continued to walk away when one deputy instructed Holliman to stop, or he would go to jail. Holliman advised that he wasn't going to stop. Once both deputies got closer to Holliman, he dropped his book bag and took a defensive stance stating to stay away from him now. A taser was deployed into the front of Holliman's body after several verbal commands were given to him to stop. The taser was not effective, and Holliman ripped the prongs of the taser out. Holliman was given several more verbal commands to get on the ground. Holliman started yelling at both sergeants that he was not going to get on the ground and advised that he would get his bag, leave, and for the deputies to leave him alone. Holliman told started screaming at them both that they were going to die and that it came from god. He was also yelling at them to stand down and leave. A deputy then grabbed his asp baton to defend himself. Holliman yelled at the two deputies that "It will not be this way". Holliman was yelling that he has been targeted by the upper class for nine years. During Holliman yelling at the deputies and acting irate, he reached for his bag that was on the ground, and a deputy had to push him away, not knowing what weapons might have been in it. Holliman then struck the deputy in the mouth with a closed right fist. The other deputy then deployed his taser at Holliman, which again was not effective. Holliman then struck the deputy in the nose with a closed left fist. During this time, Holliman was screaming at the deputies, "I will kill all of you. I will make sure you die. I will make sure of that". Holliman continued viciously attacking the deputies. Both deputies were striking Holliman with their asp batons trying to get him to stop while defending themselves. Three more deputies arrived to assist the deputies and were finally able to place Holliman into handcuffs. Holliman was suffering from a laceration to the head area, and though having just attacked and injuring both deputies, they immediately rendered aid until EMS arrived on the scene. Once EMS arrived on the scene, they advised that Holliman needed to be checked out but refused to transport him. Deputies transported Holliman to Hamilton Medical Center so that he could get the medical attention he needed. Deputies learned that Holliman was wanted on a felony warrant from Calhoun, Georgia, and had been reported missing from the Murray County Sheriff s Office. According to the report, both sergeants had injuries to the face that occurred during the violent arrest. Photographs of all injures were taken. Warrants were issued for Holliman's arrest for the offenses of felony obstruction of officers (felony) two counts, battery on a police officer two counts, terroristic threats two counts, and one count of criminal trespass. Holliman was booked into the Whitfield County Jail on Tuesday, February 25th, 2020.