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Wanted man found in possession of drugs after late night high-speed pursuit in Rome

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on Friday, August 14th, 2020, around midnight, PFC Doan and Sgt. Wade were looking for a white Nissan vehicle with a driver's side brake light out that evaded a traffic stop with Rome City Police. The BOLO advised the vehicle continued toward the area Kingston Highway and GA 1 Loop. While on Kingston Highway, Officer Boan observed a white Nissan take a right turn out of Turner Chapel Road. On the vehicle's approach to the GA 1 Loop, the officer observed the Nissan hit the brakes and saw the driver's side brake light was out. Officer Doan then proceeded to attempt a traffic stop on the vehicle within his marked patrol unit. The vehicle proceeded to accelerate and show no indication of stopping. The officer advised dispatch that he was now involved in a vehicle pursuit. Sgt. Wade joined in behind Officer Doan and assisted with the pursuit. The Nissan proceeded down the GA 1 Loop at approximately 120 MPH in a 55 MPH zone while weaving in and out of its lane as a result of its speed with no other traffic on the roadway. The Nissan approached the intersection of the GA 1 Loop and GA 20. The Nissan made a right hand turn onto the GA 20, the vehicle which was later identified as being driven by Darius Cooper, 31 of Rome momentarily lost control of the vehicle when he drove into the median but regained control of the vehicle and continued traveling on GA 20 towards Rome. The Nissan continued inbound toward Rome, traveling at speeds of approximately 80 and 90 Miles per hour in a with no other traffic on the roadway. The Nissan then approached the intersection of GA 20 and Dodd Blvd and proceeded into the right-hand turn lane. Once in the turn lane, the Nissan proceeded back into the inbound lane of GA 20 toward Rome. Upon the vehicle's approach to the interchange, it proceeded to take a right turn onto the Dean Ave exit ramp and continued toward Highway 101. Once at the intersection of the exit ramp and Highway 101, the vehicle indicated that it would be making a left-hand turn onto Highway 101 toward Rockmart however proceeded to make a right hand turn onto Dean Ave. The vehicle then continued traveling on Dean Ave toward Rome at speeds of 70-80 miles per hour in a 35 MPH zone with no other traffic on the roadway. The vehicle then approached through the intersection of 12th Street and Dean Ave. The vehicle proceeded past 12th street and onto East 2nd Ave, at which time the Nissan continued on East 2nd Ave at speeds of 50-60 Miles Per Hour. Upon its approach to Turner McCall Blvd, the vehicle lost traction and began to fishtail and struck the mailbox of 1103 East 2nd Ave and came to a stop. Officer Doan approached the passenger side of the vehicle with his Department issued handgun pointed at Cooper, giving verbal commands for him to show his hands and exit the vehicle. The officer also attempted to break the passenger side window with his ASP baton but was unsuccessful. Sgt. Wade approached the driver's side of the vehicle and also attempted to break the driver side window but was unsuccessful, Cooper eventually opened the driver side door and was removed from the vehicle by Sgt. Wade and placed into handcuffs without further incident. Two clear jars were discovered to be in his pockets. The jars contained suspected Ecstasy pills and Marijuana. Officers also discovered Cooper to have a suspended license and an outstanding warrant. Cooper was then transported to Floyd County Medical center for medical clearance and was then transported to the Floyd County Jail.