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Tunnel Hill woman wanted on felony facing meth charge after traffic stop, admits to shoplifting

Updated: Feb 7

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, Officer Morang was attempting to get behind a suspect vehicle from a BOLO. As he did this, the driver Mildred Delaine White, 23, of Tunnel Hill, began to change lanes rapidly. Officer Morang continued to follow Mildred until he was able to get behind her vehicle at Chattanooga Road and the I-75 southbound ramp. Officer Morang conducted a traffic stop at North Tibbs Road for the improper lane changes. After stopping, Mildred began to exit the driver's seat of the vehicle as if she were preparing to run away on foot. Officer Morang stated, "[I] yelled for her to stay in the vehicle as I was exiting my patrol vehicle". Mildred sat in the driver's seat with the door open, still appearing as if she was going to get out, so [I] told her again to stay in the vehicle, and she replied, "Oh, sorry, I didn't hear you." The officer learned that Mildred had a felony warrant through the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office for probation violation. Mildred tried lying about her name, saying it was Millie, but then told the officer her real name. She advised the officer she had no driver's license. When asked why she was driving, she responded, "I was just being dumb." Mildred advised that she had not just shoplifted from Walmart. After confirming the warrant, she was placed into custody. When asked, Mildred stated she had a glass pipe in her bra. Upon searching the vehicle after getting consent from the owner of the vehicle, the officer found two cardboard cups of popcorn chicken from Walmart Deli. Mildred stated that she did take them without paying for them. Mildred stated that she also had a small bag of methamphetamines in her bra as well. Mildred was transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Walmart Loss Prevention employee advised he had Mildred on video sealing and wanted to press charges. Mildred also trespassed from the store. Mildred was charged with the probation warrant, possession of methamphetamines, possession of drug-related, objects theft by shoplifting, and driving while unlicensed.