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Tunnel Hill man charged with DUI after crashing into vehicle while distracted

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Saturday, August 29th, 2020, around 10:46 PM Officer Jenkins was dispatched to the area of MLK Jr Blvd and Fields Avenues to a car crash involving a 2007 black Jeep Wrangler and a white Ford Explorer. While investigating the crash Officer Jenkins could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Ramon Garcia of Tunnel Hill, the driver of the Jeep. As Jenkins was talking to him, he could see that his eyes were red and he was slurring his words as he spoke. Officer Jenkins reported, "When Garcia handed me his insurance information, he dropped it multiple times and had a hard time grabbing it." "[I] then asked Garcia to step out of the vehicle, and as he exited the vehicle, he stumbled and had to lean against his vehicle in order for him not to fall over." Officer Jenkins asked when the last time he drank, and he stated around 10 minutes prior, and he said he had a couple of beers. When Garcia was asked if he would do tests to see if he was ok to drive, he stated, "[I] have honestly had a little bit too much, but [I] can get someone to pick me up." Officer Smith then did HGN and walk and turn test. As Garcia was doing the test, he almost fell over multiple times. Officers stopped the test for his safety, so he did not injure himself. Garcia blew into an Alcocensor, which showed .108. Garcia under arrested for DUI. Officers inventoried the vehicle and found a small bottle of fireball whiskey that was halfway empty that was located in the center console. At the jail, Garcia gave a breath sample on the Intox 9000 machine and showed a blood alcohol count of 0.105. Garcia was cited for DUI and distracted driving.