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Trio arrested after shoplifting Yeti coolers and clothes from Academy Sports in Dalton Tuesday

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Tuesday, September 1st, 2020, at around 3:25 PM, Officer Bowen was on patrol when dispatched advised a shoplifting had just occurred at Academy Sports located at 865 Shugart Road. Dispatch advised the suspects went south on Shugart Road in a red Tacoma truck with a partial tag # RM5473. Officer responded to the area to attempt and locate the theft suspects. Shortly after, Officer Selby advised he had passed a red Tacoma on Tibbs Road. Officer Bowen could see coolers in the back of the truck and the tag # RMM5473. Officer Bowen stopped the vehicle in the parking lot of Burger King on West Walnut Avenue. The officer approached the truck, which was occupied by three white males. The driver Brian Patrick Neill, 31, of Ringgold, front-seat passenger William Shaun Pelham, 34, of Flintstone, and the back seat passenger Albert Lee Dawson, 26, Rossville. Officer Bowen stated, "[I] asked Neill where they had been, and he said Academy Sports." "He said he had picked William and Albert up at a gas station in Fort Oglethorpe, and they needed to go to Academy Sports, and the Dalton one was the closest one." He denied going inside and stated he did not know any further. William also said he did not know anything and that Brian and Albert had just picked him up down the street from the Academy Sports store. He said he did not go inside the store as well and had no idea about anything. Albert said he did not know anything as well. When asked about all the clothes he was sitting beside with the tags on them, Albert stated he stole the coolers and the clothes from Academy. Albert told the officers he did it all by himself. Officer Bowen stated, "[I] told him there was no way he could carry three Yeti coolers and all those clothes by himself." Albert stated that he did not want to snitch on anyone else. Albert then stated William had helped him. The manager stated the man wearing the gray t-shirt, Brian, and the man in the blue t-shirt, Albert, had been in the store and carried the unpaid merchandise out. The manager stated the two men ran out of the store where the truck was backed into a parking spot at Checkers at the back of Academy Sports. Brian, William, and Albert were all placed under arrest for felony shoplifting. All three were booked into the Whitfield County Jail.