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TN women arrested after shoplifting from Fort Oglethorpe Walmart, mom gives child bag with meth

According to a Fort Oglethorpe Police Department incident report, on Monday, May 11th, 2020 at 7:19 PM, Officer Matthew was dispatched to the Walmart Supercenter located at 3040 Battlefield Parkway in reference to a shoplifting. The officer spoke with the Walmart Loss Prevention employee, and she stated that she observed one of the two suspects place a kids toy into her purse, shopped some more, and then went to self-check-out where she only scanned three items. The other suspect then pushed the unpaid merchandise out of the store. The loss prevention employee stated that the unpaid for merchandise totaled totaled $781.77 after tax. When the officer first walked into the Loss Prevention office, a juvenile positioned himself in front of Mary Elizabeth Walston, 35 of Chattanooga, and repeatedly stated "Don't take my momma to jail." Sara Jean Sweeney, 33 of Dayton, TN, asked if they were going to jail. When the officer told Sweeney yes, the young juvenile became upset and stated, "Don't take my momma to jail." The officer informed Walston that she would need to have someone en route to pick up the juvenile. Throughout the process the juvenile continued to make statements about not taking his mother to jail, and at one point had tears running down his face from his eyes. DFCS worker was contacted by the officer who told her of the situation and that Walston had someone on the way to pick the child up, but it was going to take longer than expected. Detective Davis was on-scene as well assisting and stayed with the juvenile until someone could pick the child up. once the juvenile was out of sight the officer placed both suspects in custody. As the Officer was about to transport the suspects to the Catoosa County Detention Center, Detective Davis informed the officer that the change purse which Walston gave to her son contained a small zip lock bag of a crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamine. The juvenile informed the officers that his "mommy smokes". When asked if his mother smokes the contents, The juvenile stated "she used that a lot of times". Both suspects were transported to the Catoosa County Detention Center where they were both booked on charges of theft by shoplifting. Walston was also booked on possession of methamphetamine. While at the jail, the staff discovered a container with more meth. On Tuesday, May 12th, Detective Davis made contact with District Attorney's office to inquire about the charges and they recommended the charge of possession of methamphetamine with Intent to distribute in addition to the other charges. This charge would be for passing the crystal-like substance to the juvenile.