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TN woman charged with DUI, child endangerment charges after failing to maintain lane on I-75

According to a Whitefield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, February 15, 2020, at approximately 11:47 PM, a lookout was given for I-75 south at mile marker 327 for a GMC SUV failing to maintain lane. A deputy got visual of the vehicle at exit 326 and began observing the driving. Almost immediately, the SUV's passenger-side tires crossed the lane divider for the inside and middle lanes. The deputy activated his blue lights, and the vehicle eventually came to a stop on the right shoulder south of mile marker 325. When the deputy approached the driver's side, he could smell a strong odor of raw marijuana emitting from the passenger compartment. The deputy made contact with the driver, Juliana Hamilton, 25 of Cleveland Tennessee, and advised her she was stopped due to failing to maintain lane. The deputy noticed Juliana's three-year-old daughter in the back seat. The deputy noticed Juliana's eyes were bloodshot and glossy and observed Juliana's replies to questions as being slow and quiet. As Juliana was exiting the vehicle, Juliana's movements seemed slow and lethargic, according to the deputy. The deputy asked Juliana if she would perform sobriety testing to make sure she was not impaired to the point she was less than safe to drive. Juliana agreed to sobriety testing. The deputy expressed concerns for Juliana's safety in allowing her to continue after nearly falling during her first attempt at the walk and turn. The deputy gave the instructions and demonstration again. Juliana nearly fell again before beginning her first step. Juliana used her arms for balance through all steps, out to the side at shoulder level. Juliana began hopping during the one-leg test and nearly fell, the deputy stopped the test for safety purposes. The deputy asked Juliana if she had consumed any alcoholic beverages. She advised she had "three shots" of "dark liquor." The deputy read Juliana the Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects Age 21 and Over. Juliana refused chemical testing. The deputy placed Juliana under arrest. Juliana began asking what would keep her from going to jail. The deputy advised Juliana that she, absolutely, was going to jail, and nothing would prevent that from happening. The deputy tried multiple times to get contact information for someone to pick up her daughter, but Juliana's only concern at the time was going to jail. The deputy requested Child Protective Services assistance regarding Juvenile. While the deputy transported Juliana to the Whitfield County Jail, the odor of marijuana was still present. While walking into the jail, the deputy could still smell marijuana coming from Juliana. The deputy asked her again if she had any on her person. Juliana still denied having any marijuana. Jail staff conducted a disrobe search on Juliana and found a bag of marijuana in her bra. Juliana was charged with DUI alcohol, less safe, child endangerment while DUI, failure to maintain lane, and crossing the guard line with drugs.