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Three arrested, stolen vehicle recovered after traffic stop by GSP in Gordon County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on Friday, June 5th, 2020, at 7:06 PM, Trooper Sutherland overheard Gordon County Dispatch give a lookout for a Black Lincoln LS with no tag that was stolen. The trooper then observed a Black Lincoln LS without a tag that matched the description of the lookout. The trooper initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle on Highway 53 and observed a tag that could barely be seen in the corner of the back tinted window. The tag came back to a Ford Escort. The trooper identified the driver as Joel Gowens (Joie L Gowens), 59 of Rome. The front passenger was identified as Ginger Lynn Adams, 55 of Dallas, and the back seat passenger was identified as Ashley Smith, 31 of Dallas. After further investigation, Gowens was found to be Joie L. Gowens. Gowens' driver's license was also found to be suspended. Smith was also found to have warrants for a probation violation. Calhoun city officers on-scene placed handcuffs on both passengers. Gowens advised he had seven heart attacks and was hurting, so the trooper advised dispatch to send an ambulance. Gowens was taken to Gordon Medical Center to be treated. After Gordon County confirmed the warrant and that the car was stolen, a female deputy patted down Adams and observed a bag with a crystal white substance in her bra. Both females were transported to Gordon County Jail by a Calhoun Police Officer. The trooper went to Gordon County Hospital to follow up with Gowens. After Gowens was treated and released, Sgt. Flippen with Gordon County Sheriffs Office transported the suspect to the Gordon County Jail where he was released to jail personnel. Gowens was charged with theft by receiving stolen vehicle, driving on suspended, giving false name, Use of license plate for the purpose of concealing or misrepresenting the identity of the vehicle, and obscured license plate. Both passengers were charged with theft by receiving a stolen vehicle. Ginger Adams, who has a very lengthy criminal history, was transported from the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women located at 8950 U.S Hwy 231 in Wetumtkma, Alabama to the Whitfield County Jail in January. She was served two indictment warrants. The original charges were for possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and possession of tools for the commission of a crime. Back in March 2019, Adams was arrested by Dalton PD after shoplifting $280 worth from Kohl's located at 835 Shugart Road. Adams was found in possession of a large amount of meth.