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Tennessee woman arrested in Whitfield County after being found inside vehicle stolen from Rocky Top

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on September 10th, 2020, at around 8:14 AM, a deputy responded to 3396 Airport Road in reference to a suspicious female asleep inside of the callers fenced-in parking lot. The deputy met with the female, later identified as Savannha White, 24 of Oliver Springs, TN, who was sitting in the car. She stated that everyone gave her permission to wait in the parking lot because she was waiting for UPS. She advised that UPS was supposed to be delivering a box that had her dad in it. During this time, dispatch advised that the registration number provided on arrival returned to a stolen vehicle from Anderson County, TN. She stated that the owner gave her the keys and told her, "here, take it if you want." She stated that she was on her way to Florida to look for her dad and would pay the owner back when she returned. The entire time White was making little sense. She originally stated that UPS was delivering her dad in a box. Then she stated that she was going to Florida to look for him then, later she stated that he lived in Arkansas. Once dispatch was able to verify the vehicle as stolen, the deputy placed her into custody. White was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with theft by receiving stolen property and theft by bringing stolen property into state. White complained about the tightness of her cuffs and stated she was going to sue if there were marks on her wrist. She was advised that they are metal cuffs, and they are not supposed to fit loose. Captain Lynch was standing behind the counter advised her that her wrist looked completely normal for someone who has had cuffs on. The deputy contacted Anderson County Sheriff's office by phone. They stated that they are only the entering agency, and a smaller police department (Rocky Top Police Department) was the one who had further information. They were able to link the deputy up with someone from Rocky Top PD. They advised that at this time, they did not have warrants and did advise the owner that the vehicle was recovered and its location.