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Tennessee woman arrested after shoplifting baseball cards and running from deputy at Walmart

According to a Whitfield County incident report on Saturday, December 28th, 2019, a Whitfield County deputy responded to 2545 East Walnut Avenue Walmart in reference to a shoplifting in progress. The deputy arrived on scene and met with a Walmart manager at the front door. The manager was speaking to the Loss Prevention Associate via telephone. The associate was actively watching the female. He stated that the female comes in the store several times stealing. He stated she was currently cutting open packages of baseball cards using some kind of tool and concealing them in her purse. The deputy was standing outside; however, because the female possessed a possible knife and was continuing to destroy property and concealing items in her purse, the deputy entered the store. The deputy walked behind her to the isle she was located at. The deputy witnessed her place an item into her purse. The deputy looked in the purse and saw that it was full of baseball cards, and there were empty packages on the shelf next to her. Loss prevention made initial contact with the female suspect. He advised her that she was seen stealing several times before and currently seen cutting packages open and placing the contents into her purse. The associate advised he needed the female to walk to the loss prevention room to process the shoplifting and place a ban notice on her requirement for his duties. At the time the female was not free to leave whatsoever. The female stated she didn't want to go to jail, and she was sorry. The deputy told her that she needed to walk with the associate, or he would have to assist her. The female then started walking to the back of the store with the associate and the deputy. While en route, the female ran to the buggy, grabbed her purse with the concealed merchandise still in the purse, and took off running from the deputy. The deputy gave chase and ran after her to apprehend her. The deputy quickly made contact with her grabbing her and putting her on the ground. While the deputy was attempting to secure her in handcuffs, she resisted pulling her wrist away. The deputy commanded her to put her hands behind her back. She did place her hands behind her back but kept moving her wrist, attempting to avoid being handcuffed. The deputy ordered her to stop moving, and she did. While standing, the female continued to resist and pull away. At that time, the deputy determined that it would be better to secure her in the patrol car. The deputy told her to walk and directed her out of the front door. She continued to pull away. The deputy opened the door and commanded her to get into the car on her own or he would make her get in. She hesitated but then got in the patrol car. The deputy transported her to the backside of the store where the loss prevention office is. Due to her flight risk, the deputy kept her in the patrol car where the loss prevention could talk to her. The deputy was handed her purse by LP. The deputy pulled out the numerous baseball cards and returned them to the store. She was identified by her license as Rebecca Lynn Crowley, 37, of Dandridge, Tennessee. After the associate looked Crowley up in the Walmart system, he learned that she had already been caught several times before and had been given a ban notice to not return to Walmart property. After processing the stolen the items, the total amount was $271.64 worth of baseball cards and two card guards. The deputy transported Crowley to the Whitfield County Jail charged with willful obstruction to law enforcement, theft by shoplifting, and criminal trespass.