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Tennessee man arrested on meth charge after causing disorder in Dalton gas station bathroom

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report, on Wednesday, April, 7th 2020, at approximately 6:11 PM Officer Greene responded to ReceTrac located at 1511 West Walnut Avenue in reference to a welfare check on a male in the store. Upon arrival Officer Greene met with the store manager. He advised the officer there was a male in the bathroom stall screaming and yelling. While the manager was telling Officer Greene this, he could hear a male voice yelling from the bathroom. Customers had been complaining of a male yelling, cursing, and banging on the walls in the bathroom. Officer Greene entered the bathroom and could see through the crack of the only stall in the restroom, a white male. Officer Greene stated, "[I] immediately noticed a needle on the floor that [I] recognized as a common needle that drug users utilize to inject illegal narcotics with lying on the floor inside the area of the stall." Officer Greene identified himself as Dalton Police. The male began rushing around the stall and began speaking in a fast manner. When Officer Greene asked him to step out and talk, he reached down, picked up the needle on the floor. He then flushed it down the toilet. Officer Greene stated, "At that time [I] raised my voice and told the male to open the door." The first thing the officer noticed was he was profusely sweating and had several visible sores on his body that in his experience coincides with methamphetamine users. Officers identified the male as Daniel Adam Tinsley, 39, of Cookeville, Tennessee. Tinsley was very hyper once we were outside and was pacing back and forth. The officer asked what he flushed in the toilet, and he stated it was a needle. Officer Greene then asked why he flushed a needle, and his immediate response was, "Its not mine". The officer asked Tinsley what drugs he had used today, and he stated he did not use any drugs. He stated that he use to do drugs in the past, which included meth and heroin. Officer located a small plastic bag containing a white substance in the men's restroom. Tinsley was transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with possession of meth, and disorderly conduct.