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Summerville man charged with several felonies after trying to run over deputies during chase Monday

According to a Georgia State Patrol and Chattooga County incident report, on Monday, June 22, 2020, Summerville Police Department Officer Cox was involved in a pursuit related to an earlier BOLO. The BOLO was in regards to a Stanfield subject that had threatened harm to himself and others. The pursuit was traveling west on GA 114 toward Alabama. Agent Gary Campbell was at 4804 Hwy 114 when the fleeing 2005 Kia Sorento silver in color, being driven by Wyatt Keith Stanfield of Summerville, turned around and headed back East toward Summerville. SPD Officer Cox advised they were passing the feed store (Pine Ridge Outdoors). At this time, Agent Campbell pulled onto the left should, and Deputy Dawson pulled off the road onto the right shoulder. Deputy Sanford was behind Dawson. The suspect vehicle approached deputies, making a direct attempt to strike Agent Campbell’s County-owned vehicle, which he was attempting to exit prior to an impact. Stanfield swerved toward the other deputies’ patrol cars in an aggressive manner in which was to cause serious bodily injury. Stanfield was driving speeds in excess of 85 MPH, according to Officer Cox, when he approached the Chattooga County Sheriff’s vehicles that were attempting to clear the path. After the violator’s acts of aggression towards officers, the marked units driven by Dawson and Sanford gave chase after the Kia East on Hwy 114 toward Summerville. The pursuit turned South onto GA 1, then Chattooga 911 alerted Floyd County and GSP of the violations and conditions. Chattooga County’s part in the vehicle pursuit was then discontinued by Cpl. Farmer. The pursuit had become too great a danger to the motorists on the roadway, and it would be approaching the construction zone on Taylor’s Ridge in a heavy fog. While SFC Gass was patrolling in Floyd County, he heard the radio traffic of the pursuit heading toward his location. Summerville PD requested GSP assistance over the radio. The last known location provided to the trooper was GA 1 south at Gore Subligna Road. Moments later, DNR Ranger Warren advised he had located the vehicle, which was traveling south at a high rate of speed. Stanfield fled, initiating a second pursuit. SFC Gass observed Stanfield’s vehicle, a silver Kia Sorento, approaching from the rear at a high rate of speed. SFC Gass checked the speed of the Kia at 108 mph in a 65-mph zone. SFC Gass activated his emergency equipment, took over the primary position in the pursuit, and notified the communications center of the pursuit. Approximately .2 miles after passing my location, Stanfield attempted to make a left turn onto GA 156. Stanfield ran off the right side of the roadway and struck a ditch. SFC Gass began cautiously approaching with his pistol trained on the driver. When the vehicle could not drive out of the ditch, Stanfield began exiting the vehicle from the passenger’s side. SFC Gass transitioned to my taser and ran around the vehicle. SFC Gass caught up to Stanfield at the top of the embankment as he was running away. After approximately 20 feet, and before entering the woods, SFC Gass deployed his taser. The Taser probes struck the Stanfield on the left, middle section of his back. Stanfield was incapacitated and fell to the ground. Stanfield was cuffed by Ranger Warren Chattooga County Deputy Dawson arrived on the scene. He advised that he would be charging Stanfield with three counts of aggravated assault against a peace officer in addition to the pursuit charges. Deputy Dawson transported Stanfield to Redmond Medical Center for clearance prior to transporting him to the Chattooga County Jail. Upon entering the Emergency Room at Redmond, the staff asked Stanfield as to the reason he was at the hospital he stated: “that he had been a chase with the Police and tried to run them over!” SFC Gass will be seeking warrants in Floyd County for Fleeing (felony), Reckless Driving, Speeding (108/65), and Obstruction (misdemeanor).