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Summerville man charged with DUI after failing to maintain lane in Catoosa County

According to a Catoosa County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Sunday, September 6th, 2020, at approximately 12:55 AM, Deputy Viar was traveling southbound on Dietz Road when he observed a gray in color Toyota Camry failing to maintain a lane of travel. Deputy Viar initiated a traffic stop on Dietz Road at the Walgreens'. Deputy Viar made contact with the driver identified as Frank Calderon Lopez, 20 of Summerville. While Deputy Viar was speaking with Calderon-Lopez, he observed his eyes to be bloodshot and smelled an alcoholic beverage coming from Calderon-Lopez's person. Deputy Viar asked Calderon-Lopez if he had had anything to drink and stated no. Deputy Viar had dispatch run Calderon-Lopez through GCIC, and they advised that he was suspended through Georgia. Deputy Viar asked Deputy Henry to be en route to run Calderon-Lopez through field sobriety. Deputy Henry arrived and read Calderon-Lopez his Miranda rights to which he stated that he would do fields sobriety. Deputy henry ran Calderon-Lopez through field sobriety. Deputy Henry concluded field sobriety and advised Deputy Viar that Calderon-Lopez was under the influence of alcohol. Deputy Viar placed Calderon-Lopez under arrest for driving while suspended and DUI. Deputy Viar read Calderon-Lopez Georgia implied consent for offenders under 21 and requested a sample of his blood to which he refused. Deputy Viar transported Calderon-Lopez to the Catoosa County Jail charged with driving while suspended and DUI.