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Skimmer device found on ATM at Glenwood Avenue bank

A card skimmer device was located on an ATM at the Atlantic Capital Bank at 1237 North Glenwood Avenue on Monday. The device featured a thin metal skimmer that was stuck inside of the ATM’s card reader and also a plastic frame that was placed around the ATM screen with a small camera to record PIN code entries on the key pad. The device was discovered Monday morning by a maintenance contractor who was sent to check an error report from the ATM. At some point after the skimmer was placed on the ATM, the machine’s security features detected a problem with the machine and shut down the ATM. The machine signaled the error on Saturday. When the company was unable to get the machine to reboot remotely, the maintenance technician was sent out Monday. The technician found the device after hearing a clicking sound in the card reader and then called police.

Because the skimmer does not appear to have any type of transmitter it is believed that the skimmer would have had to be physically retrieved by whoever left it in order for the information to be downloaded. At this time, it’s unclear if anybody had their information captured by the crooks who left the device. Anyone who has used this ATM recently should keep a close eye on their accounts to watch for fraudulent activity. It’s also recommended to cover the keypad when entering your PIN. Check for loose pieces on an ATM before inserting a card. Anyone who has information about this crime is asked to please contact Officer Matias Castillo at 706-278-9085, extension 9352.

Below: The device as it appeared installed over the ATM at the bank, and then the individual components removed