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Several arrested this past week after shoplifting from both Walmart's in Whitfield County

Shoplifting continues to be a big problem, according to Whitfield County arrest reports. People continue to try to steal stuff from the local Walmart's on Shugart Road and East Walnut Avenue. Several people were recently caught and arrested, which included Blake Chandler Quinn, 18, of Chatsworth Cullen Matthew White, 18 of Chatsworth and Josue Daniel Morazan-Moore, 18, of Dalton, were all arrested Sunday at the Walmart located at 2545 East Walnut. They were observed selecting merchandise and concealing it. The males then made a small purchase and walked out of the store without paying for the merchandise they had concealed. The following items were stolen: Tri-Fold Wallet valued at $14, EZ Install valued at $7.97, cable ties valued at $18.77, and wire valued at $12.97. Randell V. Pelt of Dalton, was caught Monday, stuffing hats in his pants concealing them at the 815 Shugart Road Walmart. Pelt apologized and admitted to officers that he was stealing the hats because he was talked into it by a friend. The stolen items totaled $26.38 in value. According to the report, Walmart trespassed him. Amelia Sanford was arrested on Monday as well, after she attempted to steal $55.43 worth of items at the 815 Shugart Road Walmart. The items taken were four packs of markers and a stapler. Sanford stated she did take the items and was going to attempt to return them to get a gift card to purchase food. She stated she had no money to get any food with and was hungry. Joshua Blaylock of Dalton was arrested Tuesday, on a warrant for shoplifting through Whitfield County. After being stoppeD by a Dalton Police officer at the intersection of Dantzler Ave and Roan Street. Terry Shane Price, of Chatsworth, was arrested on Wednesday, when officers found two items that he had concealed in his pocket belonging to the 815 Shugart Road Walmart. He had one GE brand water filter and one bungee cord/tie-down totaling $53. Ian Christian Evans, 26, of Riverdale, Georgia, was arrested at the Walmart located at 2545 East Walnut after he was observed removing a label from a cheaper item and placing it on a more expensive item. He went passed all points of sale without actually purchasing the item which was a VIC Contraceptive ($10.96).