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Semi crashes into vehicle after failing to move over for traffic stop on I-75 in Catoosa County

According to the Georgia State Patrol: "On Tuesday, September 1st, 2020 approximately 6:25 p.m., TFC Whitfield conducted a traffic stop in I-75 Northbound near mile marker 351. TFC Whitfield was attempting to have the driver exit the vehicle. While the driver had the door open, a tractor trailer traveling in the right lane, failed to follow the move over law and the trailer made contact with the open door on the vehicle while TFC Whitfield was standing next to it. No injuries were reported and no Troopers or patrol cars were hit. Authorities said this was a very, very close call."

Georgia’s Move Over Law says motorists travelling in the lane adjacent to the shoulder must move-over one lane when emergency and utility vehicles are stopped on the side of the highway and operating in an official capacity. Vehicles included in the law include all first responders (law enforcement, fire, EMS), utility vehicles, DOT vehicles, HERO Units and wreckers tending to an accident. The law is meant to keep officers AND traffic violators safe from crashes with passing cars. The Move Over Law was passed in the aftermath of growing numbers of police, emergency technicians and DOT workers being killed during routine traffic stops, crash responses and highway construction projects around the nation. Right now, more than thirty states have Move Over Laws on the books, with fines that range as high as a thousand dollars or more in some jurisdictions. The Move Over fine in Georgia can be up to $500. Failure to obey the Move Over Law can lead to consequences far more serious than fines. According to FBI statistics, traffic crashes claim the lives of more police personnel than any other cause of death in the line of duty, including shootings. Reports show emergency vehicles of all types have been struck while parked beside Georgia highways, even while their emergency lights were flashing.