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Rossville man arrested and tased after setting a garage on fire early Wednesday morning

The Walker County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Rossville man early Wednesday morning for first-degree arson and felony obstruction. According to reports obtained, The Walker County Sheriff’s Office and Walker County Fire Department responded to garage fire at 200 Schmidt Road around 4:05A.M.. When deputies and firefighters arrived on scene they found a detached garage fully engulfed with two vehicles in the front also on fire. Deputies found Larry Lee Prather, 66, of Schmidt Road holding a water hose and standing close the burning garage. Witnesses told deputies Prather threatened to burn the house down with the two of them inside. A neighbor later told sheriff deputies that Prather said that he had indeed started the fire. Deputies also stated in the arrest report that Prather's clothes smelled of kerosene. Deputies later found a can of kerosene nearby the scene. Prather failed to obey any commands from the deputies. Prather resisted arrest spraying the three deputies on sane and a taser with the water hose. Puckett EMS who was on standby for the fire department checked Prather out due to being tased by a deputy who was also shocked during the deployment. A pill bottle labeled as oxycodine was found on Prather inside deputies found diazepam Prather was transported to the Walker County Jail charged with first-degree arson, felony obstruction of law enforcement x3, drugs not in original container, and possession of a schedule IV. The fire destroyed the detached garage along with a Dodge caravan and a Ford pickup truck that were both in front of the garage. No injuries were reported and nothing else was damaged in the blaze. photos from Follower Tracey.