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Rossville man arrested after brief pursuit with GSP ends with PIT in Walker County

According to a Georgia State Patrol incident report, on Sunday, July 5th, 2020, Trooper Walthour was patrolling the area on GA-1 traveling south. At Georgia 1 and Park City Road, the trooper observed a white in color van traveling north on Georgia 1 with a headlight that was not illuminated. The trooper entered the center turn lane and waited for the vehicle to approach. After the vehicle passed, the trooper initiated a traffic stop, and the driver of the vehicle pulled to the right shoulder. Upon my approach to the vehicle, the trooper observed a white male driver and a white female front seat passenger. The trooper explained his reason for the stop and asked the male driver to produce a valid license. He responded that he did not have his license on him but informed me his name was Ryan David Fickey, 29 of Rossville. While the trooper was running Fickey through GCIC, he observed Fickey suddenly start traveling north on Georgia 1. The trooper initiated his siren and advised that he was currently pursuing the vehicle. The trooper advised Fickey had no regard for the motoring public's safety as he drove reckless, almost traveling through a red light and almost rear-ending other vehicles, as well as traveling on the wrong side of the road. Fickey then turned left on General Bushrod Johnson Avenue. The trooper could see most of the road did not observe any traffic or pedestrians. Due to his erratic and unsafe driving, the trooper set his patrol vehicle up on the right rear quarter panel for a PIT maneuver. As soon as the trooper was able to match the vehicle's speed, he performed the PIT maneuver where there were no homes, people, or buildings that could cause any harm to the public. After the PIT, the vehicle traveled into a field, and in his mirror, he observed the van travel back onto General Bushrod Johnson Avenue, traveling towards Georgia 1. Fickey was very aggressively slamming on his brakes throughout the pursuit, before turning left into General Bragg Inn and Suites Motel. Fickey drove through the motel's parking lot and across a section of grass towards a storage facility located behind the motel. Fickey abruptly stopped with the vehicle in gear, while fleeing on foot through a field. The vehicle rolled to a stop in a ditch with the female passenger staying in the vehicle the entire time. Fickey tripped and fell as he entered a private residence's back yard. When he saw the trooper approaching quickly, he laid on the ground with his legs and arms spread. Fickey was placed under arrest and indicated to the trooper he had needles and marijuana in his pockets. Corporal Mitchell arrived along with deputies from the Walker County Sheriff's Office. Fickey was placed under arrest, and the female passenger was eventually released due to her not possessing any drugs or drug-related objects, as well as staying in the vehicle for the duration of the pursuit. Fickey was transported to the Walker County Jail, where he charged with driving while license suspended, failure to maintain lane, marijuana – possess less than 1 oz, fleeing or attempting to elude police officer, reckless driving, headlight requirements, and possession of drug-related objects. The duration of the pursuit lasted 2 minutes and 13 seconds over the course of 1.7 miles.