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Rome woman found DUI after child is found by officer walking along Armuchee Connector in the rain

According to a Floyd County Police Department incident report, on October 9th, 2020, at around 11:10, Officer Roberts, who was on his way home from a side job, located a male juvenile walking down Armuchee Connector close to Three Mile Road. Officer Boatfield met with Officer Roberts at the Race Trac convenience store to take custody of the child and to investigate into the matter as to why he was walking down the road in the rain late at night. Officer Boatfield transported the child to the residence he stated he lived at. Officer Roberts stated that when he located the child, he appeared to be crying and was wet. The child said stated he was with his aunt Anita Dupree, 24 of Rome, and she had a flat tire. The child stated that Anita asked him if he was scared, and he stated that he was. She then told him to get out of the vehicle. The child stated to Sgt. Wade that his TT was driving, and when asked who TT was, he stated it was Anita Dupree. The child stated she told him to get out of the vehicle after she got a flat tire and drove off with the flat tire. A short time later, Sgt. Ward located the Kia passenger vehicle at the Tennis Center off of the Armuchee Connector, which is the same road the child was found walking down. Sgt. Ward asked Anita why the child was found walking down the road at 11:20 PM in the rain. She stated he was not with her, nor had he been with her. The grandparents of the child advised officers who arrived at the residence that Anita was supposed to be taken them skating. Officers then spoke with the mother over the phone, who stated that her sister (Anita Dupree) had her son and stated that she was going to take them skating. When Sgt. Wade asked Anita how long the child had been missing, she made a comment that was not relevant to the question, "He is not missing. I pick him up every day". Officers noticed that Anita front left tire along with her right front and rear tires were flat. Sgt. Wade reported, "it appeared as if she had ran something over". Officers reported Anita as having slurred speech and reported smelling the strong odor of alcohol coming from her person. Sgt. Wade reported, "Anita appeared to under the influence of alcohol or a drug due to her demeanor which was lethargic in nature along with her slurred speech and the condition of her car". When asked what road she was on when the tire blew, she stated, "this one". Sgt Wade advised Anita that she was at the Tennis Courts, which is a parking lot. The officer also advised the road does not lead to any houses but only back to the Armuchee Connector. Anita stated to officers that her friend is the one who called. Officers advised her nobody called that, and her nephew was found walking down the road. When Sgt. Wade asked Anita if she had consumed any alcohol, she stated "yes". Anita stated after she consumed Alcohol on Woodward Street, she drove to the current location. When asked, Anita stated she had drunk four shots of Jose, and she does not normally drink. Officers reported that Anita was unsteady on her feet and stumbled while looking for the key to the vehicle. Officer Boatfield placed Anita under arrest for DUI and cruelty to children. During this time, Sgt. Ward made contact with the young male (8), who was in the back seat during the incident. Sgt. Ward advised he was attempting to gain his attention and draw it away from his aunt. Sgt. Ward reported, "He started crying and [I] asked him if he wanted to see the blue lights and play in my patrol vehicle." They spent some time playing in his patrol car (playing with lights and siren) and talking. Sgt. Ward was able to calm the young boy down and told him that everything was going to be ok. after being placed in handcuffs, Anita began to passively resist. Officer Boatfield and Officer Sangphim had to carry her. Anita continued passively resisting arrest and attempted in every way possible to keep from being placed in the back seat. Anita, at one point, slipped out of her handcuffs, which required Officer Sangphim to get into the back seat of the patrol vehicle with Anita. Officers reported that Anita was throwing a tantrum, yelling, and screaming repeatedly. Officer reported she appeared to have no trouble breathing. Anita again began screaming and yelling that she could not breathe. Sgt. Wade reported, "[I] did not feel that Anita was suffering from any condition hindering her from breathing due to her being able to yell, which clearly indicates someone is breathing without interference" Officers advised E-911 to send an ambulance to check Anita, who was sitting on the ground continuing to yell not listening to anyone who was trying to help her. Officer Boatfield, Officer Doan, and Sgt. Wade had to physically pick Anita up in attempts to get her back into the patrol vehicle. At one point, Anita attempted to bite Officer Sangphim on the face. Anita continued resisting arrest in every way possible. Anita was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with felony obstruction x3, willful obstruction, 1st-degree cruelty to children, DUI, endangering a child by DUI x2, and interference with government property.