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Rome woman attempts to strangle officer while violently resisting arrest after driving reckless

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, on August 29th, 2020, at 11:15AM, Officer Sutton responded to the area of Cave Springs Street in reference to a suspicious person smelling like drugs. Upon arriving the officer made contact with man who stated that his girlfriend had called the cops because she was mad that he was leaving her. The officer could not smell any drugs and advised the man consented to a search where nothing illegal was located. While on scene, a female later identified as Rebecca Belle Gonzales, 21 of Rome, drove up and began to harasses and intimidate the man. She stated that he had drugs on him and causing a scene refusing the officer's command to leave. The officer told Gonzales that she was blocking the roadway and to leave. Gonzales continued to antagonize the man and refused to obey my command to leave. The officer told her to stop as she began to flee the scene driving recklessly. She drove in a direction toward North Blanche Avenue while in reverse within the middle of the roadway at a high rate of speed. While still in reverse she then ran the stop sign at Jervis Street without slowing down or clearing the roadway. During this the officer observed that a young child possibly 2-4 years old was in the back seat and unsecured. At 12:05 PM, Officer Sutton was dispatched to a report call at 233 Cave springs Street. Upon arrival, HE again made contact with Gonzales. Gonzales stated that her weed eater was stolen by the victim from earlier and that he pawned the weed eater. Officer Sutton reported, "[I] attempted to explain to her that [I] did not see any weed eater on him when [I] transported him earlier and pointed to the weed eater that was still sitting on her porch." At this time she got mad and said that "Police can't do shit". Officer Sutton Reported' "[I] then asked if we could do anything else for her and she replied "No"." At this point Officer Sutton told her that she was under-arrest and to turn around and put her hands behind her back. She refused and attempted to close the door in his face. After taking a hold of her arm to begin the arrest she pulled away and immediately struck the officer in the face with a closed fist with her right hand. Officer Sutton reported' "[I] then used my left arm to pin her right arm and she began to strike me with her left hand in the face and began to claw at my neck and face." "[I] then utilized my right fist and struck her in the face in an attempt to create some distance" Officer Sutton reported. She went backwards and caught his legs which caused both of them to go to the ground. The officer attempted to gain compliance by pinning her arms down, however, she continued to fight and began to use his radio cord to strangle him around the neck. During the violent melee, the officers radio was flung from his exterior carrier and the mic suffered damage. Other officers arrived on scene and assisted with arresting her. Gonzales was arrested and transported to Floyd County Jail charged with felony obstruction of law enforcement, damage to government property and reckless driving. According to online records Gonzales has very lengthy criminal history.