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Rome police officer injured during foot pursuit of wanted man

According to a Rome Police Department incident report, on Thursday, October 8th, 2020, at approximately 2:47 PM, Officer Kasmar was contacted by Officer Bradley, notifying him that wanted suspect Carlos Woodard, 31 of Rome, was walking north on Dean Street. The officer advised he was known for running from police. Officer Kasmar observed Woodard walking into the East Rome Beverage parking lot and made contact with him there. Officer Kasmar reported, "As soon as [I] got close to him, he took off running and jumped the fence surrounding the parking lot." The officer chased after him and grabbed his bag as he fell on the other side of the fence. The officer was pulled over due to being off-balance. Officer Kasmar reported, "When [I] was pulled over the fence, my body armor caught on the fence, and [I] ended up landing on my head." His vision was narrowing and then opened back up. Though injured, the officer still chased Woodard and began to see "stars" while chasing after him. The officer advised dispatch of the foot pursuit and that they were running back to Dean Street. Woodard turned left into a grass field before the first house on the left, crossing the field and jumping a fence next to Deans Mini Mart. The officer pulled his taser and pointed it at him to gain compliance. Woodard faked lying down and took off running again. During the foot chase, the officer stepped into a pothole, causing him to fall again. Officer Harrel pulled into the south side parking lot of the Shrimp Boat and chased Woodard around the store and into it. Officer Harrel took Woodard into custody. Woodard began hollering to get the book bag he was wearing off because he couldn't breathe. Officers removed the back-pack from Woodward. Officer Harrel and a sheriff deputy assisted Woodard out of business. During that time, Woodard stated his legs did not work, and so they had to carry Woodard out the door. While outside, Woodard consistently asked for something to drink. Sgt Hutchins provided Woodard with a bottle of water. Officer Kasmar took off his body armor and laid down to avoid passing out and falling. The officer reported having a headache and was nauseous. The officer regained composure and called for an ambulance due to landing on his head and possibly injuring his neck. Woodard was transported to the Floyd County Jail charged with felony obstruction, misdemeanor obstruction, three counts of contempt of superior court, and probation violation.