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Rome man facing kidnapping, aggravated assault charges following domestic in Whitfield County

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident on Thursday, December 26, 2019, at around 11:27 AM, Whitfield County Deputies Sharpe, Henderson, Spivey were dispatched to domestic that was in progress on Salem way. When Deputy Sharpe arrived, 19-year-old Tatiana Rogers of Chatsworth was in her white 1999 Isuzu Rodeo in the driveway of Salem Way. Juvenile one was on the right side back seat, and Juvenile two was on the left side of the back seat. The victim stated that she is dating Damien Ray Wallace, 18, of Rome. Ms. Rogers told deputies that they had both got into a verbal argument over so thing found on Wallace. Wallace got into her face and started yelling at her, which caused the dog inside the home to then bit Ms. Rogers on the right upper thigh. They both got into a physical fight. Ms. Rogers put Juveniles into the vehicle. As Ms. Rogers was putting Juvenile two inside the car, Wallace tried to jump inside the car from the back door. Ms. Rogers closed the back door of the car. Wallace then grabbed Ms. Rogers's lanyard and stared, pulling it, causing it to choke Ms. Rogers to the point it caused red marks on the left side on Ms. Rogers's neck. After another fight, Wallace was able to unlock the car door and start the vehicle. Wallace threw the car in to reverse, almost running Ms. Roger over. Ms. Roger was able to get into the driver seat. Wallace then attempted to take Juvenile two from the vehicle and held on to the car as Ms. Roger was trying to drive away. Wallace took off and then ran towards the houses and then into the woods right before Whitfield County Deputies arrived. At around 1:34 PM, Whitfield County Dispatch advised that Mr. Boyd had called and advised that Wallace had climbed into the house through the window without his authority. Whitfield County Deputies Sharpe and Spivey arrived at back at the Salem Way residence and surrounded the house. Deputy Sharpe gave multiple commands for Wallace to step out, but he did not. Sgt. O'Mahony and Deputy Hackney arrived a short time later. Deputy Sharpe then left and went to the Whitfield County Courthouse to obtain a warrant. Deputy Sharpe obtained a warrant for (O.C.G.A 16-5-21) aggravated assault and two counts of (16-5-40) kidnapping. Sgt. O'Mahony got onto the loudspeaker and advised Wallace that he had warrants for his arrest. Wallace still refused to come out. Deputies then went inside the residence and took Wallace into custody without incident. The homeowner of the advised Deputies that he wished for Wallace to be charged for breaking into his house. Deputy Sharpe transported Wallace to the Whitfield County Jail charged with aggravated assault, kidnapping (x2), and burglary in the first degree.