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Rocky Face pair facing several charges after being caught shoplifting from Walmart

According to a Dalton Police Department incident report on Thursday, December 27th, 2019, around 7:43 PM Dalton Patrol Officer Marcus was dispatched to 815 Shugart Road, Walmart, in reference to a shoplifting. Upon his arrival, the two suspects, identified as Ashley Jane Mosley, 32, of Rocky Face, and Arthur Joseph Shepherd, 39, of Rocky Face, were detained in the loss prevention room of Walmart. Another Dalton Patrol Officer had already read them their Miranda rights, and we began with the criminal investigation. As the loss prevention associate, was scrubbing through security footage, Officers started asking questions. At first, Arthur identified himself as James Holland with a DOB of 05-21-1979. Arthur and Ashley stated that they had not stolen anything. When the LP associate found footage of them skipping scanned items at the self-checkout, Ashley said that they had skipped the items by accident. LP associate also found in the Walmart records that Ashley had been caught shoplifting before. Including a Walmart in Kentucky. Ashley gave officers many conflicting testimonies about that case, such as she was set up by her ex-husband and that she was on drugs at the time, etc. The associate advised that some of the items were stolen by bar code stickers being replaced on the items. When officers asked Arthur about the bar code stickers, and he admitted to taking the stickers off of cheaper items and placing them on the items he tried to leave the store with. The name that Arthur originally provided did not come back while running him on Spillman. When officers handcuffed Arthur, he admitted that the name he provided was false, and he gave us the correct name and DOB. Officer Cook secured Ashley in handcuffs and searched both of the suspects while searching Ashley's purse; Officer Cook found a single pill in a cellophane wrapper. Ashley stated that the pill was a Xanax and that she had a prescription for it though no pill bottle was not found on her person. The suspected Xanax, which weighed .4 gross grams, the security footage, and the loss receipt was all be submitted into property and evidence. Officer also found out that Arthur had a felony warrant. Both suspects were secured in the patrol vehicle and transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Both Arthur and Ashley were charged with theft by shoplifting. Arthur was also charged with the felony warrant and the giving false name/address/date of birth to law enforcement. Ashley was also charged with possession of a schedule IV (felony)