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Rocky Face man charged with felony cruelty to children after putting child's head into ceiling fan

This is a direct transcription from the incident report. Some names and addresses may have been removed to protect the innocent, some human error may exist. We don’t correct spelling or grammatical errors: According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Tuesday, June 16th, 2020, at approximately 7:15 PM, a deputy was dispatched to an address on Seep Springs Road in reference to child abuse call. The deputy arrived at the residence and was first contacted by a female who had called 911. She stated that when she and Mrs. Walston arrived at this residence from work, they were advised by parties on the scene that Hunter Walston had picked up Juvenile 1 in the living room and intentionally allowed Juvenile 1's head to be struck by a ceiling fan. The 911 caller stated to the deputy that there had been an ongoing issue with Hunter abusing Juvenile 1 and Mrs. Walston. The deputy was referred to Juvenile 2 and two other female adults who witness the incident. While speaking to all parties, it was discovered that Juvenile 2 and the females were Hunter's blood relatives. Juvenile 2 stated that Juvenile 1 was trying to love on Hunter in the livingroom. Juvenile 2 stated that Hunter picked up Juvenile 1 and allowed his head to hit the running ceiling fan. The deputy asked how Hunter responded to it. She advised that Hunter thought it was funny and left the residence shortly after the incident. The two females gave the deputy the same rendition of events that occurred. All witnesses to the incident advised that Hunter intentionally allowed Juvenile 1 to be struck by the ceiling fan. Mrs. Walston advised that she was at work around when this incident occurred. The deputy was advised that there had been a temporary protective order in place, but it had been dropped. The deputy was advised that Hunter was at a residence on Old Chattanooga Road, which was in eye-shot of the offense location. The deputy requested another to be en route to assist. Another deputy and a Lieutenant responded. The deputy asked arrived on the scene and asked Hunter what happened earlier in the day. According to the report, Hunter began talking about an argument that he and Mrs. Walston had about him being unfaithful. The deputy advised Hunter that he was on scene to deal with the abuse to Juvenile 1. Hunter stated that he last saw Juvenile 1 around 7:30 AM that morning and that no abuse had occurred. Two people on scene advised that Hunter was with them all day, working. The deputy asked why his family would say that they observed him hold Juvenile 1 up to be hit by the fan. Hunter stated that Mrs. Walston probably promised them food stamps. Hunter asked if things were so bad, why would she have dropped the restraining order. The deputy told Hunter it was not uncommon for this to happen in domestic violence cases. Hunter was arrested and transported him to the Whitfield County Jail. The deputy spoke with a DFCS representative, who advised a worker would be on their way to the residence shortly. Hunter was charged with cruelty to a child in the first degree, excessive physical/mental pain felony.