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Rocky Face man arrested after leading GSP on wild chase in Home Depot truck Saturday morning

According to a Georgia State Patrol and Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on Saturday, August 29th, 2020, at approximately 10:08 AM, Trooper Day was performing stationary patrol on GA-151 at Boynton Drive when he observed a driver unrestrained while operating a white Ford F-250 Home Depot truck pulling a black trailer. The driver, later identified as Bradley John Collins Nix 31 of Rocky Face, turned right onto Vinings Circle. Nix traveled west on Vinings Circle and failed to stop for the stop sign before turning right onto Kristin Drive. Nix began accelerating at a high rate of speed as he failed to stop for the red light at the intersection of GA-151 and I-75. Trooper Day notified the Troop A Radio Room that Nix had initiated a pursuit. Nix began driving on the wrong side of the roadway to pass other motorists, and he failed to stop for the red light at the I-75 South ramps. Nix began driving in an erratic manner as he passed other motorists and changed lanes improperly at the intersection of GA-151 at Poplar Springs Road. Nix continued traveling at a high rate of speed in the construction zone and began failing to maintain his lane as he drove between the northbound and southbound lanes of GA-151. Nix traveled through a church parking lot turned right onto GA-151. At this time, Cpl. Best, who was giving a driver a warning on a traffic stop nearby, became secondary in the pursuit. The pursuit went north on GA-151 before turning right onto GA-3. Cpl. Best reported, "As the pursuit continued, Nix exceeded the speed limit, drove recklessly, ran red traffic signals, stop signs, passed in a no-passing zone, passed on a hill crest, drove on the wrong side of the roadway, and made several other traffic infractions." Trooper Day reported, "Mr. Nix began running other motorists off the roadway and continued traveling at a high rate of speed." Both Catoosa and Whitfield County had been notified of the pursuit. Stop sticks were requested due to Nix having no regard for the other motoring public as he made every attempt to avoid capture. Nix continued driving extremely reckless down GA-3 toward Whitfield County. At Cherokee Valley Road and GA 3, Catoosa Deputy Thomas Harris joined the pursuit. The pursuit then turned right onto Bandy Road. Cpl. Best reported, "For the next several miles, the pursuit continued on "country" roads that had very little or no other traffic on them." While negotiating a left curve in the area of Houston Valley Road, Nix failed to maintain his lane and almost hit another motorist. The pursuit went south on Bandy Road before traveling into Whitfield County, where the roadway changed names to Old Ringgold Road. Once the pursuit entered into Whitfield County, Catoosa Deputy Harris disengaged and relinquished the third position to a Whitfield County Deputy. Nix continued traveling in the same reckless manner with no regard for anyone. On Cottonwood Mill Road at the intersection of Mount Vernon Road, a deputy with the Whitfield County Sheriff's Office attempted to deploy stop sticks. The stop sticks were unsuccessful. While approaching GA3 on Cottonwood Mill Road, Officer Bell, with the Tunnel Hill Police Department, deployed stop sticks, which were unsuccessful as well due to Nix negotiating around them. Tunnel Hill Police and Officer Cardin from the Ringgold Police Department were present and assisted Officer Bell. Nix began traveling at over 75 mph in a 40 mph zone as he used both lanes of Lake Katherine Road. Nix continued his driving extremely recklessly in a desperate attempt to avoid arrest. After traveling down several roads, Nix stopped his vehicle on Houston Valley Road at the intersection of Watson Drive. Nix exited his vehicle, and he began running on foot with a black duffel bag on Watson Drive. Whitfield County Sheriff's Office deputies and Troopers entered into the wood line while giving Nix verbal commands to stop. Nix refused to comply as he continued running on foot. Deputy Carter removed his Taser and made a positive connection on the Nix's upper back and lower back. Deputy Carter, Deputy Peden, and Trooper Day placed Nix in custody. While searching, Nix's bag, deputies located methamphetamine. Trooper Day requested assistance from the Whitfield County Drug Task Force in reference to Nix possessing methamphetamine. Nix's license showed through GCIC that his license was revoked through the state of Georgia for DUI. GCIC also showed that Nix was a habitual violator. Trooper Day charged Bradley with possessing methamphetamine (felony), possess to distribute methamphetamine (felony), willful obstruction of law officers, possess tools for commission of crime (felony), habitual violator (felony), fleeing/ attempting to elude police officer, driving while license is suspended or revoked, unlawful use of central lane, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, improper lane change or usage, failure to maintain lane, wrong side of road, and speeding.