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Rock Spring man arrested on felony charges after pointing gun at mans head at bar in Dalton Sunday

According to a Dalton Police Incident report on Sunday, December 21, 2019, at approximately 11:00 PM Dalton Patrol Officer McCarver was conducting a bar/ building check at 324 South Depot Street (Crescent City Tavern). While on scene and outside the building, the complainant, and a security person for the establishment ran outside toward officer McCarver yelling and stating that an individual at the end of the bar pointed a gun to his head. According to the report, there are signs on all doors of the building that states no firearms or knives inside the building/establishment. Officer McCarver stated. "[I] walked inside the building with the complainant and security in an attempt to get a description of the person who pointed the gun inside an occupied building". The complainant stated, "A white male, with a long-sleeve button-up shirt, sitting at the left end of the bar, pointed the firearm at him and put it to his head". Officer McCarver and the security person approached the male subject matching the description and in the location, he was said to be. As Officer McCarver walked up to the man later identified as Joshua Paul Lytle, 40, of Rock Spring and advised that he was Officer McCarver and that he worked for the City of Dalton Police Department, and advised him of the reasoning making contact with him. Lytle immediately placed his arms in front of him and out toward Officer McCarver and stated, "Go ahead and cuff me, you're going to take me to jail anyway". Officer McCarver stated, "[I] advised he was not under arrest that I'm investigating an incident that was said to have occurred". The officer asked Lytle if he had any weapons on him, firearms or knives, and he stated he did not have anything. Officer McCarver stated, "[I] had Lytle stand up and lift the front of his shirt to look for weapons". "He did so in a way trying to keep the back of his shirt down". "As [I] had Lytle turn around I grabbed his hands to prevent the possibility of him grabbing a firearm, [I] observed a black handgun placed between his waistband and body in the small of his back. Officer McCarver placed handcuffs on Lytle and advised him that he wasn't under arrest and that he was being detained due to the incident said to have occurred and him being intoxicated along with having a firearm on his person. After placing and securing my handcuffs, the officer removed the firearm where he learned that there was a bullet in the chamber, as well as a full magazine. Officer McCarver escorted Lytle outside to speak with him and let him explain his side of the story about what happened. Lytle told the officer that the male complainant had looked and spoke to him the wrong way. When asked if he drew his weapon and placed against his head, he stated: "Hell yea I did, [I] was going to f*** him up". The officer advised to Lytle that he shouldn't be under the influence and be in possession of a firearm and that drawing his weapon and pointing it at someone was against the law. He stated, "I'll do what the f*** [I] want to when [I]want to". Lytle was then advised he was under arrest. The complaint advised the officer his buddy had accidentally taken a beer off the table that didn't belong to him but belonged to a female. After Lytle observed that, he looked at the complaint and stated, "We have a problem and your friend is about to get f***ed up". The complaint stated he replied to Lytle with "No [I] don't believe we do", which then resulted in Lytle standing up and removing his firearm placing to the complaints left temple on his head and stated, "I'll fuck you up". At that point, the complainant stated he ran to security and outside to where the officer was located in fear of getting killed. The security guard and a bartender stated that Lytle is a person who cannot handle his alcohol. the officer watched security video footage of the incident which showed Lytle standing up and reaching behind his back where the firearm was located. Due to the quality of the video, it was hard to make out exactly what was in the hand of Lytle. Lytle was transported to The Whitfield County Jail where he was charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats & acts, disorderly conduct, pointing or aiming a gun or pistol at another, and possession of a firearm during commission or attempt to commit a crime.