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Ringgold man charged with DUI after driving all over the roadway while on the phone

According to a Whitfield County Sheriff's Office incident report, on August 27th, 2020 at around 9:47 AM, a deputy who was actively patrolling the area of Cleveland Highway and Quillian Road observed a silver 4 Runner with a Tennessee tag drive past him headed south. The deputy began to exit the parking lot after seeing the driver later identified as Rodney Shan Trotter, 43 of Ringgold manipulating his phone while driving, when suddenly another vehicle pulled into the parking lot. The driver rolled their window down and stated to the deputy that he believed that driver of the silver 4 Runner was "drunk". As the deputy left the parking lot and attempted to locate the vehicle a BOLO was given for the vehicle which was all over the roadway. As the deputy was attempting to catch up to the vehicle he watched it swerve from the left side of the outside lane to the shoulder and immediately correct the driving after leaving the roadway. The deputy observed Trotter have an extremely slow reaction to the red light. The 4 Runner did not stop until after it crossed the bulk line and the cross walk. Traffic traveling from Chattanooga Avenue across to Reed Road had to maneuver around the 4 Runner due to it being stopped in the middle of the intersection. While sitting behind the vehicle the deputy could see Trotter utilizing his cell phone. The deputy initiated his emergency lights in attempt to get Trotter to pay attention to the roadway but it was ineffective. The deputy honked his siren and Trotter put his phone down. Trotter pulled off to the right hand shoulder after the light turned green. The deputy made contact with the Trotter and explained that he was stopped due to being on his cell phone. Trotter explained he was on his phone due to being lost. The deputy could smell alcohol emitting from Trotter. The deputy asked Trotter to step out of the vehicle. When Trotter exited the vehicle he appeared to be struggling to hold his balance on his own. Trotter was pushing off the driver side of the vehicle to assist him in walking to the rear of the vehicle. When asked Trotter stated that he had half a bottle of wine between 2:30 AM and 3:00 AM. Trotter advised he did not feel as if he was under the influence of alcohol. Trotter stated that while driving he was "All over the road" and admitted to being on his phone due to being "lost". While retrieving his wallet Trotter had extreme difficulty finding them though the deputy advised they were right in front of him on the floor board. Another deputy arrived on scene and conducted field sobriety test on Trotter. Trotter was arrested and transported to the Whitfield County Jail charged with DUI- driving under influence of alcohol, failure to obey traffic control devices; running red light, driver to exercise due care; proper use of phones and radios, and failure to maintain lane.