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Ringgold couple facing felony charges after shoplifting from Fort Oglethorpe Walmart with kids

According to a Fort Oglethorpe Police Department incident report, on Monday, February 10th, 2020, several FOPD officers responded to the Walmart located at 3040 Battlefield Parkway in reference to two suspects shoplifting. According to the loss prevention associate, the two suspects later identified as Keri Renee Green, 43, and Anthony Drew Green, 31 both of Ringgold entered the store without any merchandise. They then selected a weedeater from lawn and garden, took it to the service desk and returned it. LP stated the couple proceeded throughout the store while selecting merchandise and concealing the items in their personal bags and blankets. LP advised dispatch that the male suspect had a knife on him. Officers entered the store through the general merchandise side and made there way toward the lawn and garden where the suspects were located. Officers spotted the suspects along with their two kids in the entryway to the lawn and garden. As officers approached the suspect's, Officer Alexander ordered Anthony to put his hands on the cart. Anthony then placed his hands on the shopping cart with his four-year-old child seated inside. He then pushed the cart at Officer Alexander in an attempt to strike him and to create a barrier between them both. Officer Alexander, Officer Lewis, and Sgt. Davis engaged in a foot pursuit through the store towards the sporting goods section. The suspect then knocked over a garbage can full of trash, spilling it on the floor in an attempt to trip officers up. Officer Alexander drew his department-issued taser and deployed it in an attempt to stop the suspect. The suspect knocked over more merchandise and ran out of an emergency exit, while several officers were still in chase. As the pursuit headed toward the back of Hobby Lobby, Sgt. Davis deployed his department-issued taser in an effort to end the foot pursuit. Due to thick clothing Anthony was wearing the taser didn't affect him. Officers continued to yell verbal commands for Anthony to stop. Anthony began falling to the ground while running through thick brush located behind the store. At this point, Sgt. Davis was finally able to take the suspect to the ground. Sgt. Davis reported, "Officer Lewis, who had been directly behind me during the foot chase, began to attempt to gain control of the offender's left arm." "[I] witnessed the offender beginning to kick Officer Lewis." "[I] attempted to push the offender back down onto his stomach." "Before [I] could do so, he attempted to strike me in the face with a closed fist." Officers continued to attempt to place Anthony under arrest giving him several knee kicks. They were finally able to get Anthony into handcuffs. During the fight, Officer Lewis's lenses on her glasses were scratched and the frames were bent. Another officer suffered a minor abrasion. Officer Alexander and Officer Locke escorted Anthony to a patrol vehicle, where they located a box cutter styled knife as well as stolen merchandise on him. Due to being tased, Anthony was transported to CHI Memorial North Georgia to be medically cleared. At the hospital, Anthony continued to resist arrest and had to be carried into the hospital. Keri was still inside the store and was taken into custody. She was escorted to the loss prevention office where the loss prevention associate showed the officer's video of the suspects selecting and concealing various merchandise items inside the store. When asked, Keri made the spontaneous statement, "I didn't know I had to go to jail when he was the one stealing." After searching Keri's purse and gray diaper bag, officers located 39 stolen items from the store. They found several DVDs, a couple of Roku's, batteries, beard balm, a book, and various household items. After searching the suspect's vehicle on the parking lot, officers located a lot more stolen merchandise, including 23 Roku's, several DVDs, a dash camera, and a 4k Blu-ray DVD player. Keri was transported to the Catoosa County Jail charged with felony theft by shoplifting. After being released, Anthony was transported to the Catoosa County Jail, where he again had to be carried inside he was charged with felony theft by shoplifting, felony obstruction of officers, and cruelty to a child. Walmart had the vehicle towed from the parking lot. DFACS was contacted in reference to the incident and the kids were turned over to a relative.